Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Book Review: Anything to Look Hot by Jas Kohli

Book Name- Anything to Look Hot

Author- Jas Kohli

Publisher- Srishti Publishers and Distributors

Price- Rs. 195


When the superstar diva of the past decade doesn’t want to play the hero’s mother on screen, she insists that she be reshaped in to the most beautiful woman in the world… by any means.

This is just one of the many odd situations which plastic surgeon Dr. Dhruv faces in Mumbai. He has dealt with tyrannical bosses and finicky patients while undergoing his training, during which he has also won over a stunning doctor as his life partner. But satisfying the movie stars is a different ball game, because every girl wishes to have a bee-stung lips, and every guy wants to flaunt a six-pack abdomen without working too hard. And all this while, he has to resist losing his balance over his ravishing female clients.

Dr. Dhruv’s journey surpasses even a masala movie for humour, drama and action. In debunking many a myth about cosmetic surgeries, the book will enthral those who can do Anything to Look Hot.

My take-

Anything to Look Hot is a life journey of a plastic surgeon. The story begins with Dr. Dhruv clearing his M.Ch. (Master of Chirurgiae) exams with outstanding marks. Congratulations and celebrations then takes place and few days later, Dhruv finds himself embarked on his journey to become a plastic surgeon.

Days roll on and one fine morning, Nandani walks in to Dhruv’s life. She works as a junior to him. A few talks and gradual meet ups make Dhruv fall in love with Nandani. Nandani too, sails in the same boat as his. Dhruv is from Delhi and Nandani from Assam- would their parents agree to their marriage? Yes, they agree and Nandani and Dhruv get married. Nandani gets admission to complete her M.D. whereas Dhruv moves to Mumbai, the hub of actors and actresses in India.

Anything to Look Hot is a story of success and the hurdles to success. It’s a story about jealousy. It’s a story about loving one’s job. It’s a story of friendship.

Does Dhruv get carried away with the starlets? Does his decision of shifting to Mumbai bring rift in to his and Nandani’s relationship? Time to find out!


  • The narration of this novel is very refreshing.
  • Dhruv’s effort in wooing Nandani is appreciable.
  • The use of medical terminologies. It reminded me of The Fault In Our Stars. “Hazel Grace, I love it when you talk medical to me.” This book gave me a similar feeling that Augustus had!
  • Dhruv’s dedication and his enthusiasm towards his work.


  • The part where in Dhruv’s father takes up acting. It read very filmy.

I rate-

Cover- 2/5
Story- 3.5/5
Characters- 3/5

My overall rating for Anything to Look Hot is 3/5.

You can book your copies here!

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