Tuesday, 7 April 2020

Warming Fumes by Saurabh Pant - Book Review

Book Name: Warming Fumes

Poet: Saurabh Pant


This book is a vivid piece of poetry work by Indian author Saurabh Pant that generally focuses nature as its core theme to approach and study certain issues that are still vibrant.

A collection of poems with cartoons presented by Priya Verma from India and some photos shared by author's Indian Google team, the work highlights issues of warming, tries to bring them in common picture and explain problems widely.

The book contains poems on nature of certain areas, highlights issue of urban heat and cultural stigma, the challenges of political factors in scene, and ultimately focuses on the multiple scenes dominating the nature.

Thus it is a work of natural poetry, the author has presented rhythmic styles on certain poems, and at last a work that is surely going to attract readers and help them enjoy this poetry collection for sure.


Everyone these days speak about nature healing itself. The COVID-19 has brought everything to a standstill. And, the Earth is probably healing itself.

I received this book a couple of weeks ago for review. I would say it goes well with our current situation. We have taken our mother nature for granted over these years.

Warming Fumes is an eye-opening poetry collection which will make you ponder about how we have taken nature for granted. It speaks about the slow death of our natural resources.

There are many poets out there who write poems about love and relationships (including me!) But, I have read poetry about nature for the first time today. Writing such poems, I feel requires lot of efforts. The author has done it nicely. He has put forth his thoughts in simple and engaging language.

I rate this poetry collection with 3/5 stars.

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