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Book Review: I Will Never Find Another You by Kumar Kaustubh

Book Name: I Will Never Find Another You

Author Name: Kumar Kaustubh

Publisher: Lifi Publications Pvt. Ltd.

Price: Rs. 180


She made me feel something in a way I hadn’t felt earlier. Her smile made me feel lighter.

Love is that which inspires us. Love is that which makes us believe in miracles. Love is that changes to be a good human being. Karan and Vandana, two teenagers, were mad and made for each other. How does love inspire them? How does love make them believe in destiny? How does love change their world? Find in I Will Never Find Another You…

My take:

Karan, an ill-mannered and short tempered guy, falls in an argument with his mother about accompanying her to his cousin’s marriage. Karan knows very well that his behavior, his actions, his words hurt others, yet he doesn’t want to change. Music is his passion and he wishes to be a rockstar. He has already marched on his journey of becoming one.

Karan has a very happening social life. He has a band with which he rehearses his songs. I have observed that the more a guy is involved in extra-curricular activities, more number of girls wish to connect to him. If you consider any relationship, you can very well compare it with a tree. Its roots being friendship. Sana, a girl from Karan’s college, befriends him and they ultimately end up in a relationship.

They date for few months and then Sana dumps Karan for another guy. She never states the reason for the same. It is always believed that girls are more affected by break-ups. But it’s the partial truth. Boys, too, suffer in similar manner. Karan is heartbroken. He makes himself understand the situation and move on. Sana returns all the things that Karan gifted her back to him. She doesn’t wish to have any memories of their relationship. Karan abuses her and agrees to accompany his mother for the wedding. Karan’s life changes when he lands up in Devpur. What was the change.?


  • Vandana’s unconditional love for Karan
  • Karan’s passion for music and his journey to become a rockstar
  • Love changes one for good - Karan’s ride from being a ill-mannered guy to polite.

The narration is simple and hence a person having minimal knowledge of English will be able to comprehend the story. The poems in the beginning of each chapter acts like a cherry on the cake. The story begins with some puppy love incidents and ends up with some maturity.

I rate:

Cover: 3/5

Story: 3/5

Characters: 3.5/5

My overall rating for this novel is 3/5.

You can buy this book online. Click here!

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