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[Ask and Answer]- Online Talk with Soumyadeep Koley

Soumyadeep Koley is a writer, poet, women’s right activist and a photographer. After graduating with Honours degree in Chemistry from Scottish Church College, Kolkata, he joined the global fight against violence on women. He has worked with Jason Jayology Jeremias, the Founder and Artistic Director of Price of Silence, New York, which employs performing arts to bring the global struggle for women’s right to life. Soumyadeep has three years of experience in psychological counseling of domestic violence and rape survivors in India and abroad, through unique mystical and metaphysical techniques. 

How would you describe 'Soumyadeep Koley'?

Soumyadeep Koley is someone who is crazy enough to think that a one man's dream can change the world. He also feels that humility is best virtue a person can have, because in life, we own nothing. We live only to leave footprints in the sands of time.

Your dream, your novel 'Her resurrection ' is winning hearts all over. How was your journey writing it?

The journey was a tough one that saw a person leaving his job, becoming a vagabond who roamed the country for a year, with a notebook and pen. Then it saw that vagabond turning into an author - the author that faced a plethora of difficult times in various facets.

How was your journey turning your dreams in to reality?
When I look back, I feel immensely
blessed, to have survived the tribulations and having been able to see thisday.

I have heard people saying that an author needs to live the life of the character in order to write better. Was it difficult being Maya?

At first it was heartbreaking to say the least. But in the end, the courage, determination and fortitude, which Maya has shown, have made me fall in love with her more than anyone else I could ever fall for. Your love for the protagonist of your first book can never beat the feelings you'd ever have for anyone else, because it's a reflection of your soul.

Very true! Her resurrection is your debut. Did you anytime feel insecure about the same? Had 'What-if" thoughts crossed your mind?

I have been insecure when reality struck me, but I never let it get better of confidence.
What if I can't reach the appropriate audience? What if I don't get publisher, the book being not in conformance with the much-coveted-for topics?

How did you cope with these thoughts? What kept you going?

The only fact that kept me going was that if I gave up, the Maya I'm in love with, might never see the light of the day. I held on to make her come to life!

With all romantic love stories being loved by readers, did you anytime feel that your book might lie in those never attended shelves of the book store?

Sometimes, I do feel that; that's the reality. But there's always a first time before a new genre becomes the craze.

There are many novels that have been converted in to movies. If Her Resurrection has been made in to a Bollywood movie, who do you think will fit in the role of Maya? And Why?

Kangana Ranaut. Because, she has a striking similarity with the physique of Maya. Also, her acting and expressions are impeccable.

Besides writing, what's the one thing you have an undying love for?

Robotics and embedded system programming.

That means you are a 'science' person! Have you thought of writing technical books?

I've not yet thought of writing technical books, but in future, I might do it through an experimental genre and way of presentation. I have started a tutorial site, though:

Have you started working on your second novel? If yes, what is it all about?

No, I haven't started working on my second book, yet.

How would you sum up your writing in one sentence?

'Her Resurrection' was a modest effort on my part to make Jyoti Singh immortal. I felt my life had been fulfilled when Mrs. Priyanka Batra Harjai of Books News India commented about my book, "With this work, Ms. Jyoti Singh, the India's daughter, revives!"
I couldn't have said it better in one sentence.

Where do you see yourself five years from now?

As an author and a humanist, who'd reach more and more people, who'd touch hearts, mend them, and make millions smile. That's what we are born for.

Readers would love to hear a piece of advice from you. So do you have any advice or message for your readers?

Life is a journey, you only embark on once. Do not just survive it. Live it. When you believe in the magic of the universe and its miracles, the world would be in your hands.

You can buy Her Resurrection here!


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