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Book Review: You Promised You Will by Nisha Sharma


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Book Name: You Promised You Will

Author Name: Nisha Sharma

Publisher: Omji Publishing Pvt. Ltd.

Price: Rs. 100


Niharika and Akshat met via a formal meet but they fell in love with each other on the very next meeting when they met informally for the first time. Their love grew stronger with the passage of time and converted into unconditional love which unfortunately had different meanings for both of the. Akshat loved Niharika and sacrificed his love for Niharika's happiness but on the other side Niharika made all the efforts to get her love in her life. 

And now that song haunts each and every part of Niharika whenever she listens to that. 
What destiny has in store for both of them?

Will they have a future together?

Will they keep their promises to be there for each other forever?

What lead Niharika into the trauma center?

What is the role of the famous song ‘Hum tere bin ab reh nai skte....' in their lives?

Read this heart-breaking tale on unconditional loves and promises to get all the answers.

My Take:

Niharika, a girl of marriageable age, is constantly nagged by her parents. They want her to get married. After a lot of emotional blackmailing, Niharika finally gives in to parents wishes and agrees to meet Akshat, the boy.

After a lot of chats and phone calls and a subsequent meeting, Niharika realizes that Akshat is the one for her and she falls in love with him. Akshat, too, falls in love with her. Both families then spill the beans of horoscope mismatch. Niharika is broken but Akshat assures her that he would figure out something. Their relationship continues through the bumpy road of fights and arguments.

The black day dawns in Niharika’s life. When Akshat breaks up with her he tells her that they did not have a future because of horoscope mismatch. He also informs her that he has agreed to marry another girl. Niharika goes in to depression. You Promised You Will is a story of love and fighting for your love. It’s a story of fighting back the dark patches of life and emerging victorious.

Matching horoscopes before going ahead with the marriage is an age old custom of India. Though developments in science and technology are tremendous, there still exist many who believe in horoscope match. Many love stories die an unnatural death due to horoscope issues. How long are we going to sacrifice our love for these customs? Does Niharika manage to fight against it and marry Akshat? Is Akshat bold enough to pursue his love?

What did I like about the story?

  • Niharika’s try to maintain balance in her relationship
  • Niharika’s love for Akshat

The narration style (Niharika narrating her story to Nisha) could have been done better. I got confused many times, at the beginning of the chapters. Large paragraphs usually bore the readers. They could have been divided in to smaller ones.

I rate:

Cover: 3/5

Story: 4/5

Characters: 3.5/5

My overall rating for You Promised You Will is 3.5/5

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