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Book Review: Masters of Lygrenn by Arjun Pawar


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Book Name: Masters of Lygrenn

Author Name: Arjun Pawar

Publisher: Frog Books

Price: Rs. 150


In an era dominated by the saints rises a kingdom where sins are committed regularly. A kingdom ruled by a noble king but misled by his cruel Masters. Hamish, the cruelest Master with a dream of conquering the world, faces a challenge from an ordinary boy, who in search of his answers finds the reason for his existence. Fire God, the most powerful and loyal Master of the King, is stuck in a dilemma of whether to support the good or the bad.

A story of brutal vengeance where there is no space for the good. Will the good rise to power?

My Take:

Emperor Zakati is well known for his cruelty amongst his subjects. He considered himself to be the supreme power and treated his people with disrespect. He divided his people on the basis of wealth they possessed. He always thought that they were his puppets who would listen to his every order.

Emperor Zakati had a son named Xaviallo who was strictly against the ideologies of his father. He was against the injustice done by his father. One fine day, Xaviallo speaks his heart out. Emperor Zakati refuses to listen to his son. Xaviallo is firm on his decision. He asks for an army and announces that he wishes to have a kingdom of his own. Emperor is reluctant at first. He consults with his Master and ultimately gives in.

Xaviallo is accompanied by four of Emperor’s reliable Masters - Master Hamish, Kaalki, Rudra and Fire God. They start off at Kalahar and with their exceptional skills manage to bring many villages under Xaviallo’s rule. Xaviallo follows a simple mantra- do no injustice. Years roll on and Xaviallo makes himself so potential that people consider him as their messiah.

Life is not always a piece of cake. Hamish is secretly plotting a murder in order to become the king. He plans his actions and poisons King Xaviallo. Xaviallo dies and Marshell, Xaviallo’s son, declares himself as the king. Hamish’s plan is a success. He now plays with Marshell’s young mind to fulfill his wish.

Meanwhile, Fire God realises the evil plan in the minds of the Masters. He is bounded to his vow. He has already broken one and so cannot dare to break another. Will the boy who calls himself Arjuna and Fire God's grandson manage to change Fire God's way of thinking? Does Hamish emerge victorious?

Masters of Lygrenn is the debut of Arjun Pawar. I must say that he has done a commendable job. The narration style, the flow of the story and the crafting of the characters is impeccable. I wondered whether the story is really a fiction. Few years ago, I had read Mastani- a novel. The narration of Masters of Lygrenn reminded me of it. I had an awesome time reading it. I recommend this book to all mythology lovers. I canguarantee you an excellent read!

I rate:

Cover; 3/5

Story: 4/5

Characters: 4/5

My overall rating for Masters of Lygrenn is 4/5.

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