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Twenty Twenty: A Race Against Time by Anuraag Srivastava - Book Review

Twenty Twenty: A Race Against Time  is good thriller. The climax of this book will leave you surprised and shocked."

Book Name: Twenty Twenty: A Race Against Time 

Author: Anuraag Srivastava 

Publisher: Srishti Publishers and Distributors 

Price: Rs. 195 


Life is a fast-paced Twenty20 game and you need to keep playing to win. Abhi and Aditi are siblings who want to realise their dreams in the ever upgrading world. In the midst of all the struggle and success, they get entangled in a strange web. If they are not able to resolve the crisis in twenty days, their very existence can come under threat. In short, they have to hit sixes on every bouncer thrown at them. Not just with the world outside, this ordeal is also a fight with one's own character and principles. 

Unwanted situations, unexpected turns, money and sex push them deeper into the web. Manipulations and treachery become the order. The hunter becomes the hunted. A vicious circle of betrayal and debauchery is created. 'Twenty Twenty' is a story of betrayal, deceit and relationships, where a master planner devises games, to get to his own ambitions. 

Story in a nutshell: 

I have many times heard my elders say that love for money, passion to become rich when overgrows turns dangerous. Abhi falls in the trap of making quick money and unfortunately loses the same. The sad thing to know here is that he had borrowed the money from the lenders. During the same time, the lenders pester him to pay their money in twenty days. Arranging a whopping sum of 20 lacs isn't a piece of cake for Abhi. The lenders have also threatened him that the safety of Abhi's sister, Aditi is at stake. Abhi is placed between the devil and the sea. Why is the lender after him for the money? Who is the man behind all the commotion. 


There are some books which keep you on the edge. You have no idea about what will come up on the next page. You are curious. You want to read the book yet you are frightened. This is what the novel Twenty Twenty is! It will leave you speechless and surprised.

The story is simple one and is plotted well. The incidents have been rightly placed. The mystery factor remains intact with every page. I like the kind of novels which make you predict one thing and presents you with a completely different twist. There are some events in the story which will make you bite your nails. 

Abhi and Aditi are the two main characters. The entire novel is centered around the two. The characters have been crafted well. You build up an image about them as you read the book. You draw a mental pictures about them. 

The language is lucid and engaging. Every page of this book is as interesting as it's title. I enjoyed reading each and every page of this book. Hats off to the writer for writing such a surprising end. It was a show stealer. 

I rate: 

Cover: 3/5 
Characters: 3.5/5 
Story: 4/5 

My overall rating for 'Twenty Twenty: A Race Against Time' is 4/5 stars.

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