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My Complicated Destiny by Swarali Wankhade - Book Review

My Complicated Destiny - Book Cover

"My Complicated Destiny is an emotional tale of love."

Book Name: My Complicated Destiny 

Author: Swarali Wankhade 

Invincible Publishers 


They say, there is always a connection between friendship and love. Deep Love has a shadow of a strong friendship and a strong friendship often stems out into love.

Zed and Kanishka were no exceptions. Theirs was a bond that was beyond friendship. Two inseparable souls that looked for solace in each other. Being at the peak of their youth, career came first. Both decide to pursue their dreams and return to each other in a span of five years. FIve difficult and eventful years shattering many lives. 

That fateful when Zed left from the airport to make his future and Kanishka's dreams were only dreams.... well, almost. 

Story in a nutshell: 

All love stories, most of the times, begin with friendship. Similar was the case wirh Zed and Kanishka. They meet during their childhood and stay friends until adulthood only to realise that they love each other. It is usually seen that you do not value a person or a thing until the day you feel it's going away from you. You begin to show your care when you know it's slipping off your hand. You start to love it more. Zed moves abroad for higher education leaving Kanishka in India. He realises that he's in love with her and misses her company. Five years roll on. Zed doesn't spend a single day without thinking about Kanishka. When he returns back to India, he learns that Kanishka and her mother have relocated some place else without informing anybody. Where have they gone? Has Kanishka stopped loving Zed? Does Zed succeed in finding the love of his life? 


My Complicated Destiny is an emotional tale of love. The story is about Zed and Kanishka who are in love with each other. They decide to pursue their careers and therefore, move on with their lives. While Zed makes the most of his life, life for Kanishka becomes difficult. The story talks about true love and the difficulties it faces. It talks about long distance relationships. I wouldn't say that the story is a unique one. It is one of its kind. It is simple and adorable. 

The characters - Kanishka and Zed seem matured enough for their age. The relationship that they share is sweet. You will surely desire a relationship like theirs. There is so much understanding between the two. The story has been narrated in Zed's as well as Kanishka's point of view. The simple language and simple narration makes this book a very sweet read. There are many 'aww' and 'tsuk' moments in this novel. It will make you happy as well as sad. You are sure to get teary eyed towards the end. 

This book could have been made better by narrating the story more creatively and editing it well. Overall, it was a good one-time read. 

I rate:
Cover: 3/5
Characters: 3/5
Story: 3/5

My Complicated Destiny gets 3/5 stars from me.

You can buy your copies on Amazon.

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