Saturday, 3 June 2017

Alcoholic Hiccups by Ashutosh Parmar - Book Review


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Alcoholic Hiccups - Book Cover

"Interesting story. It could have been presented in a better way."

Book Name- Alcoholic Hiccups

Author- Ashutosh Parmar

Publisher- Invincible Publishers


This fictional drama is woven around the serene calm small town, wherein modernization has stepped in, to erode traditions but town's own pace still has its own face value. It opens with nostalgic brainstorming eruptive behaviour of Ankush and delineates various intriguing shades of grandson and grandfather relationships. Novel pushes impulses to counter inner soul diffidence to have solutions while linking the chain of what; why and how to do things in the odds. This book offers an introspective sojourn into the life of Ankush , who in order to resolve emotional hiccups to find his own individuality, turn hapless due to alcoholism.


The title 'Alcoholic Hiccups' creates a curiosity in the minds of the readers. It is compelling and eye-catching. The blurb however is dull and fails to create that impact. The story is lengthy and fails to keep the reader engaged. The language used is way too casual. The use of frequent Hindi words and dialogues is a major turn-off. All the while during reading, I waited for these dialogues to end. The narration could have been pulled off in a better way. The blurb is enriched with new words and seems quite professional. But the narration is no where to it. The language of the blurb and that of story doesn't gel with each other. The characters too are many and you are bound to get confused at many instances. The only thing that I liked in this book is the grandfather-grandson bond. 

I rate: 
Characters: 2/5 
Story: 2/5 

I rate Alcoholic Hiccups with 2/5 stars.

The book is available for sale on Amazon.


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