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Demons in my mind by Aashish Gupta - Book Review

Demons on my mind - Book Cover

"The story that will remain imprinted on your minds for months."

Book Name: Demons in my mind

Author: Aashish Gupta 

Publisher: Notion Press 

Price: Rs. 349 


Are crimes and mental illness related? 

Is your mind under your control? 

Is your life an illusion created by you? 

Dakshesh, an old man in Sirubari village suffering from cancer, wishes to be released from excruciating pain. His journey takes him to the three monks, known for miraculous healing and life transformation. He discovers they are no saints, but hardened criminals. The three monks - Rizwan, Murli, Joseph - narrate stories of unprecedented savagery that would make even the most cold-hearted criminals look down with shame. 

The dark stories of the three monks leave Dakshesh gasping, but there is something about their dishonourable lives that relieves Dakshesh from his pain. 


A novel generally presents to you one story at a time. Demons in my mind presents to you four stories. All the four stories are interconnected with each other and are, themselves, great, spine chilling stories. The book is a nail biting thriller which will give you goosebumps at many instances while reading. 

Demons in my mind is a story where the mind is the villian. No matter how softhearted you are, if your mind turns into a devil you will never be able to help yourself. The story is about three guys - Rizwan, Murli and Joseph, who have committed heinous crimes in the past and are leading the life of monks in current times. What made them committ those crimes? Who was the common factor to bring all of them together? Why does Dakshesh, the old man want to visit the three monks?

I had set a deadline to finish reading all books by 10th June and write the reviews. The moment I picked this book up, I grew tensed. How am I going to read this thick book having approximately 300 pages in a day! I started reading the book thinking that I might require 2 days to read it and I ended up reading it in a day's time. The book is so interesting that I couldn't put it down. It appeared as if the story was pulling me to dive into it, not to return without completing it fully. The story is a unique one which will surprise you at the end of every chapter. You will be surprised to read the manner in which the author has narrated the story. It seems realistic. The first person narration has added that personal touch to the story. You will feel like you have known the protagonists since a long time. You will feel the pain they go through and the game their mind plays with them more closely. The simple and engaging language coupled with superb narration makes this book an awesome read. There is something about this book and the characters. Never ever during the read, I felt anger towards the three protagonists except for the last chapter. This story will remain imprinted on my mind for months to come. 

I rate: 
Cover: 2.5/5 
Characters: 4/5 
Story: 4.5/5 

I rate 'Demons in my mind' with 4.5/5 stars.

You can book your copies on Amazon.

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