Saturday, 24 June 2017

A Team of Extraordinary Bastards by Arka Dutta - Book Review

A Team of Extraordinary Bastards - Book Cover

Book Name: A Team of Extraordinary Bastards

Author: Arka Dutta


A Team of Extraordinary Bastards is one such book that gives you a pleasant reading experience. You will fall in love with the protagonist, Arya right from the first page of the book. April is a sweet girl. The story is about Arya, his life and football. Author has an amazing knack of storytelling. The story has been narrated in such a way that you think it to be real and happening around you. I was reminded of the movie - M S Dhoni. I believe that this story could very well be converted into a movie. The great plot will keep the readers hooked on to it until the very end. You will be so engrossed in the story that you won't realise when you have completed the book. The story makes you curious. It keeps you engaged. It's narrated in simple language with awesome vocabulary. The third person narration has been done lucidly. The moment I realised this book is of around 300 pages, I wondered whether I made a right decision of accepting the book for review. The blurb had interested me very much. I didn't realise when I finished reading it. The story teaches you to live, to love, to follow your passion and most importantly believing in the best. 

I rate: 
Cover: 3.5/5 
Characters: 4/5 
Story: 4/5 

My overall rating for 'A Team of Extraordinary Bastards' with 4/5 stars.

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