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Karma The Bewildered Witch by Vipul Bapurte - Book Review

Karma The Bewildered Witch - Book Cover

"The plot is quite good. The book could have been much better."

Book Name: Karma The Bewildered Witch
Author: Vipul Bapurte 

Publisher: Invincible Publishers 


From the glimpse of darkness to the ray of sun, there you get laid in the grave which you dig it for others. What goes around comes around. Mark my name peeps It's "KARMA" the beloved witch So, to know who I am turn around the book and start reading. 

Story in a nutshell: 

Karma The Bewildered Witch is the story of a boy called Vipul. He is a good and honest guy. Destiny always plays a bad game with him. Every time he expects good things to happen to him, karma spoils the show by ruining it. This happens with every aspect of his life. In this game of karma and Vipul, who is going to win? 


Karma The Bewildered Witch - the name of this book seemed really interesting to me. The blurb also creates curiosity in the minds of the readers. The storyline is good but it isn't presented well. There are many incidents which did not have any relation with the story at that point of time. Those incidents seemed irrelevant and appeared forced to make the story a bit long. Some incidents seemed to be overexaggerated. The language is way too casual and it didn't give me a great reading experience. The narration of the story has been done in first person narrative and is done quite well. The book fails to create that emotional impact which the title and blurb promised to create. 

  • The story could have been presented in a more creative and better way. 
  • The book requires heavy editing. 

I rate: 
Cover: 3/5 
Characters: 3/5 
Story: 2/5 

I rate 'Karma The Bewildered Witch' with 2/5 stars.

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