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No One Can Replace You by Kumar Nitin Antil - Book Review

No One Can Replace You - Book Cover

The same old wine presented in a new bottle.

Book Name- No One Can Replace You 

Author- Kumar Nitin Antil 

Publisher- Invincible Publishers 


Aryan, a shy but talented civil student who has a powerful gift of simplicity and an ability to express himself, is best friends with Rakshit, who is a pogonophil, the go-to person, the one friend who is always to the rescue, just like a fire-fighter. 

Annika, the academic topper, pursuing Engineering, when her heart was really set somewhere else. In spite oftheir differences, Aryan and Annika catch each other's eyes and hearts. When all the others were busy working toward their career, these two were busy dancing to the tune of love. 

However, life never makes it easy for anyone. In an unpredictable turn, a stranger is thrown in the mix. Will the pair be able to withstand the storm that looms over their head, when one of them caught in the mess? Will they be able to stick together? And who was that stranger, intent on destroying their castle of love? 

No one Can Replace You is a story that will inculcate your devotion in love and friendship. 

Story in a nutshell- 

A simple average boy falls in love at the first sight with a simple and intelligent girl. He tries to strike friendship with the girl with the help of his friends. Once strangers now become best friends. Texting, telephoning and meeting each other becomes a routine. Over time, the boy is deeply in love with the girl. He confesses his feelings and waits for the reply from the girl. She exits his life without stating the reason. The boy gets into depression. Does he come out of it? This is what the story is all about. 


I've had enough of college romances. The same old story presented everytime. I started this story with a hope that it would offer something new but was utterly disappointed. 

The story gives out nothing new and I had an headache when I completed reading it. All I was eagerly waiting for was for the end. I was turning pages not because I was excited to know what happened next but to reach the last page as soon as possible. 

The language and narration is very simple. I came across many new words which appeared stuffed into the story. The first turn off about this book was the plot while the second was this insertion of words. They didn't seem to gel well with the narration. Justics hasn't been done to the characters as well. The author mentions about a group of friends and by the time you reach the end, you will find just one guy. The epilogue mentions about them. Where were they during the other chapters? The book is also in need of right editing. There are many grammatical mistakes. 

The only thing I liked about this book was a short write-up about love at the end. 

I rate: 
Cover: 2/5 
Characters: 1/5 
Story: 1/5 

I rate 'No One Can Replace You' with 1/5 stars.

The book is available on Amazon.

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