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Book Review: Thank You Love by Ayush Gupta

Thank You Love - Book Cover

Book Name: Thank You Love 

Author: Ayush Gupta 

Publisher: Half Baked Beans 

Price: Rs. 175 


"Thank You Love" "...yes, I said, everything in life is uncertain, and it speaks the same." All human energy comes from that one thought. All the pain that we bear and the joys that we celebrate are the results of our thoughts at any moment. Strange isn't it? When Akshita was making her choices, Rayan made his. He refused to get over her and chose to own her absence in his heart and mind . Thank You Love describes how sitting on the floor in silence changed the world of "Rayan". He realized that love is not something that happens between two people, instead it's an enduring quality within people. He realized that love is not something that you do, but is the way you are. He re-moulds one of the most important event of his life into a spark, re-channelizes it and heads towards something that would later change the course of his life. 

Story in a nutshell: 

'Relationship is part of our life. It is not our life.' 

Many of us must have heard this. But have any of us actually put it into practice? Have any of us given a thought that if we are placed in a situation would we hold the above statement in regard? 
Meet Rayan, a working guy, who has been in relationship with Akshita, his college mate since almost 4 years. As one grows older, his priorities change. He starts to think maturely. Akshita changes too once she moves to Bangalore. Her priorities change and Rayan's incessant calls and messages begin to bother her. She calls off the relationship. Rayan is hurt. How does he cope with this breakup? Why is the book titled 'Thank You Love'? 


The story is about teenage love and hence, will appeal to most teenagers. The protagonist, Rayan narrates to a stranger the story of his love life. When most stories involve talking about love life to friends or diaries, this talk with stranger seemed to be a novel idea. The story takes you through ups and downs of Rayan's life. The first person narrative makes you feel instantly connected with the protagonist. The language is simple and lucid. The transition from the past to present hasn't been done quite well. There are many instances where the reader could get confused. 

Coming to the part that I liked about the book, the lesson about the chakras is enlightening. You will truly begin to wonder the effect of meditation. This reading of this chapter alone will make you feel calm and peaceful. 

Now comes the part I disliked. You open any page of the book, all that you'll find is Akshita. Rayan keeps talking about her and their breakup throughout. I know that the story is about their love but Rayan and his talks bore you to the core and you begin to wonder when he is going to come out of it. The middle section of this book is really boring. You'll tend to skip reading a few pages. I have never met a guy as sensitive as Rayan. I felt like everything has been exaggerated out of proportion. The book failed to create that emotional impact. There are a few editing errors in the book. Also, the typesetting needs a thorough revision. 

I would like to conclude saying 'Thank You Love' is a one-time read. If you are someone who likes to read teenage love, go for it. 

I rate: 

Cover: 2/5 
Characters: 3/5 
Story: 2.5/5 

I rate 'Thank You Love' with 2.5/5 stars.

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