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Book Review: The Richest Engineer by Abhishek Kumar

The Richest Engineer - Book Cover

Book Name: The Richest Engineer 

Author: Abhishek Kumar 

Publisher: Sarvatra - An imprint of Manjul Publishing House 

Price: Rs. 350 


A story that will unravel the secrets of the rich. 

This is a very good book on managing personal finance. It gives clear principles to follow, which enable individuals to accumulate wealth by investing his or her income properly. -Sitaram Jindal, Chairman and Managing Director, Jindal Aluminium Ltd. 

Have you ever wondered why some people get rich easily, while others struggle financially all their lives? Is the difference because of their educational qualifications or their choice of jobs, business or investments? Is it that luck has favoured them selectively, while bypassing the vast majority of people? Is it that they have special skills and are far more intelligent than others? 

The Shocking Answer is: None of the above! 

In his maiden novel, Abhishek Kumar reveals the timeless wisdom of wealth creation and accumulation and shows how anybody - no matter where they stand in life at this time - can become a millionaire. The ruiles provided in book are not a get-rich-quick formula, but they do guide the reader to financial independence which can be achieved on nothing more than an average salary. Through fictional conversations between two friends, Vinay - the financial wizard and Ajay, his college mate, you will learn exactly what has been stopping you from becoming rich and how you can change yourself to live the life you always dreamt of - a life of wealth, abundance and financial freedom. 


“This is a very good book on managing personal finances. It gives clear principles to follow, which enable individuals to accumulate wealth by investing his or her income properly.” 
- Sitaram Jindal, Chairman and Managing Director, Jindal Aluminium Limited 

“This book explains the basic principles of wealth creation. It is written in an engaging conversational format.” 
- Prasanna Chandra, Former Professor of Finance, IIM Bangalore 

Story in a nutshell: 

Ajay is a software engineer working in a software firm. He is doing well in his job well. He and has received praises for his performance. However Ddue to some economic conditionsrecession, a few employees from the organization are being given the pink slip and . Ajay is one amongst them. He realises that he isn't managing his finance properly as he was trapped in a Debt trap.. He remembers his friend, Vinay who is a financial wizardThen his wife reminds him of his school friend, Vinay and all of a sudden a ray of hope is ignited. . He Ajay approaches him Vinay for guidance to manage his finances. What lessons does Ajay learn from Vinay? 


There is no person on this earth who wouldn't want to become rich. This book will serve as a perfect manual for all those people who want to embark on their journey of becoming rich. 

The book is divided into three sections: The Thinking, The Action and The Beginning. The first section i.e. The Thinking section will urge you to look at your current financial status. You will be required to do a study on it. There's a difference between 'I want to be rich' and 'I commit to be rich.' The first section will make you introspect your financial situation. 

The second section i.e. The Action as the name suggests gives you a chance to change, to mend your ways, to design a plan as to how you'll distribute your finance. It also talks about how your assestss help you grow and how by focusing on your Networth you allow your wealth to grow with time. 

The third section i.e. The Beginning is the starting phase or the starting point on your path to richness. It focuses on how you can keep growing rich by remembering certain points and following some idealsprinciples. 

When you decide to cook something, what do you do? Firstly, you check if you have all the ingredients required to prepare the dish. This is the first section - The Thinking. Second, you bring all the ingredients together and prepare the dish. This is the second section - The Action. And lastly, you serve the dish to your near and dear ones and await their reviews. 

Finance - when you hear this word, the first thought that crosses your mind is figures and spreadsheets. Different terms about finance and commerce aren't a cup of tea for all. Not every person can digest all those terminologies and not everyone can comprehend those terms. 

However, Wwith his simple and engaging writing, the author has simplified all of it for us. He has explained it all with the help of a story. The lessons and principles of wealth creation & accumulation have been presented through a well plotted fictional story which makes it easier for the readers to correlate with the characters of the book and grasp the lessons easily. Also, many of the money lessons have been presented through pictures and diagrams. So, just remembering these pictures will help you to know whether you are doing right with your money. 

I never remembered the dates of wars and battles. My mother would build a story around it and explain the battles to me. At first, I thought it to be really stupid but as the time passed, I started enjoying it. You will have a similar experience reading this book. No word or term in this book will be incomprehensible and you will enjoy reading the book as much as I enjoyed. Further more, the author has added a few diagrams and flowcharts which help you understand the lessons well. 

Also, the book not only gives technical understandings which one should know to create wealth, it also provides pointers for behavioral and habitual change one needs to bring in him/herself in order to become rich. 

Before reading this book, I was among those people who would say that it is only rich who get richer and richer. But I must say, Tthis book has changed my outlook towards richness. I have now understood that Eevery person born has been given equal opportunities like every other. It depends on how well you utilise these opportunities. This book taught me that becoming rich is not a tedious task. The financial lessons, if followed, will help you in many ways. 

You want to be rich. Don't you? Grab your copies now!

I rate: 
Cover: 3.5/5 
Story: 4/5 

I rate 'The Richest Engineer' with 4/5 stars.

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