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Book Review: Incomplete by Ram

Incomplete Book Cover

Book Name: Incomplete - From The Pen of an Immature 

Author: Ram 

Publisher: Educreation Publishing 


"Life is made of twists and turns, and I have experienced it all. Love - the essence of life ... I have experienced that too. I had loved an unknown person. Which definition of love can stand a firm hold than this?" By twenty-eight, Shiv has had a nauseous ride on the emotional roller coaster. Struggling with his responsibilities, he managed to tap his feet romantically with his dream. Yet... the life of Shivraj Rathore remained 'incomplete'. But what happened when his diary reached the girl he loved, the girl who was unknown? Did he complete his story? 

Story in a nutshell: 

Sunaina receives a letter which states that Shiv is dying and that he wants to see her for the last time. Does she make it on time? 

Further on, she receives Shiv's personal diary. She reads it and realises what Shiv had been through. What was Shiv's life all about? Why did he choose Sunaina? Who was Sunaina to him? 


The first impression of the story that is when you read the blurb is like that of a Bollywood film. The guy meets the girl - they fall in love - they spend great time together - they breakup - they realise each other's importance - they get back together again. With this thought in mind, I started reading the book only to be proved wrong towards the end. It is said that you should never judge a book by its cover. I would modify it and say you should never judge a book by its blurb. 

The story is a modern day tale that begins with a shocking incident and travels through college days using diary entries. The concept of narrating the story with the help of diary entry always works wonders. The plot is a common one but it is the incidents which make it unique. The narration has been done in first person narrative. The language is simple and sweet. The characters aren't many. Shiv, the protagonist, is a young boy who dreams of becoming an actor. Priya, Shiv's ex-girlfriend, who is head over heels in love with him and Sunaina, the girl whom Shiv loves and the one who is unaware of the depth of his love for her. The other characters are Shiv's parents and his family, his best friend and his working circle. Each character has a dedicated role to play. The incidents have been properly ordered. You won't feel lost anywhere throughout your reading session. 

  • The protagonist, Shiv - his never-give-up attitude. 
  • The love that Shiv felt for Sunaina. 

  • There were a few grammar mistakes here and there. They can be rectified in the next edition. 

I rate: 
Cover: 3/5 
Characters: 3/5 
Story: 3.5/5 

I rate 'Incomplete' with 3.5/5 stars.

You can buy your copies on Amazon.

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