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Book Review: Myriad of Emotions by Revathy


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Myriad of Emotions - Book Cover

Book Name: Myriad of Emotions 

Authoress: Revathy 


Are you a working lady? Are you having responsibilities as a wife or a mother? Do you too sometimes get into confusions over prioritizing personal and professional decisions? If yes, we have got all your feelings grabbed in this piece of 'art'. 

Nainika's pleasant life suddenly went haywire when she received an SOS call from her mother. Her mother was barely able to speak over the phone and almost cried out in pain. Nainika ran home to find her mom sprawled on the floor, unable to move, That very moment she realized that life has brought her to face a whirlpool of emotions. On one hand her dutiful care towards her mother and on the other her undying love and responsibility towards her husband and a future that lay ahead, Her mind was in a stage of confusion as she began to ponder. 

What will Nainika do to overcome this phase? Whom would she choose? Will she stay to nurse her mother back to health or partner her husband to the USA? 

Story in a nutshell:

Life often places us in situations where we have to make choices. Sometimes, between good and bad while sometimes between good and best or bad and worse. We cannot just ignore these choices. Decisions need to be taken. Choices need to be done. Nainika is placed between her ailing mother and her career and her family. She is placed between the devil and the sea. On one hand, she wishes to stay besides her mother and take care of her. On the other hand, she wants to pursue her career. She wants to stay with her daughter who us studying abroad. A talk with her husband, Prithvi makes her realise a few things. She makes a decision. What decision does she make? Does it help in stregthening her ties with her parents? Are they really happy with her decision? 


Myriad of Emotions is a short book that runs through approximately 135 pages. The story is set in the city of Bangalore and is much relatable. It's not a common story of teenage romance. Most of the books that come out in market these days are teenage romances. There are lesser number of books when it comes to parent-child relationship. Myriad of Emotions is a story of parent-child relationship. The protagonist, Nainika is a married lady who cares for her mother as much as she loves her career. Responsibilities and duties play a vital role in everybody's life. Nainika's love for her parents is no doubt unconditional. Prithvi is Nainika's husband and plays a great support to her. Her parents, Kaushalya and Vasudevan are doting parents, though the later one doesn't express it frequently. There is another character who enters the story like a morning sun. She is Chaturvi - a bubbly young girl. The narration is in third person narrative with lucid language. The pace of the book is fast. 

  • Nainika's unconditional love for her parents. 
  • Chaturvi and her 'Hope for the Aged' 
  • Kaushalya and Vasudevan's try in re-building their relationship. 

  • The plot could have been strengthened with more incidents. The end of the story came real soon. I kept wondering why the authoress kept this book short when she could write much more. 
  • The book is, no doubt, an emotional one. But it could have been more. I felt it kinda contrasting with the title. 
  • Also, Chaturvi plays a very important role in the story. But there isn't a single mention about her in the blurb. I felt that it was unfair. 

Myriad of Emotions will certainly be a great book if you want to take a break from romance. It will change your perspective on relationships. It will serve as a good read on Sunday evenings. 

I rate: 

Cover: 2/5 
Characters: 3.5/5 
Story: 3.5/5 

I rate 'Myriad of Emotions' with 3.5/5 stars.

You can buy this book on Amazon.


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