Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Pari --- Part IV


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Few days later

I switched on T.V while sipping my morning coffee.

“Actress Pooja made an appearance at Mr. Desai’s birthday! Check her out! Doesn’t she look ravishing in her maroon skirt and cream colored shirt! She is simply wow!” said the T.V host.

I was shocked to see Pooja wearing the dress that I was supposed to wear for the magazine launch the next day. I called up Pari.

“Pari, have you watched the T.V?”

“Yes Mia. I know. You wear something else. All kind of dresses suit you dear.” She wanted to make up for my bad mood.

“How did she come to know about the dress which I was supposed to wear? Who can do such a thing? Who can tell her? Vicky?” I thought.

I dialed Vicky’s number.


“Yes Mia baby!”

“How could you do this to me? I considered you as my best friend.” I yelled.

“I have no idea about what you are talking to me dear.”

“Switch on your T.V and then call me.” I disconnected my call.

I was fuming not because she copied me or ruined my plan of wearing that dress but because Vicky had deceived me. My eyes had welled up with tears. I remembered Shalini Ma’am, a senior actress. She had once said to me “You cannot trust anybody in this movie world. Every single person is fake. Nobody is a friend.”

My phone started ringing. It was Vicky’s call.

“Dear! I do not know how it happened. I am no part to it.” He explained.

“I do not want to hear anything Vicky. I did not expect this from you.”

“Why will I do such a cheap thing Mia? Can’t you believe me? I am very happy designing clothes for you and the amount you pay me is also quite good. I said that just in case you feel money could be the reason.”

I just kept quiet.

“Mia! I swear I did not do anything. Please believe me.”

“Okay! I need some time alone Vicky. I shall call you later.”

I wanted to call somebody urgently now! Yes, I had to call Ankit!


“Mia, Star Cosmetics has signed Pooja for their product endorsement.”

“Okay! Listen! I want you to find out that person who revealed the details of my dress to Pooja. It’s very urgent. Don’t waste time. Please!”

“Sure Mia! See you!”

A week later

My phone beeped. It was a message from Neha, a magazine editor. It read as follows:
“Deepak’s movie that you were trying for and almost selected has been given to Pooja. The contract is signed too.”

Ground slipped off my feet. I had many hopes from this movie. The story was awesome and the role was very much challenging. I wanted to act in that movie. But luck did not favor me.

I called up Ankit.

“Hi Mia! I could not find out who had done that creepy act. I think somebody who stays with you is responsible for that.”

“Ankit! I am in deep shit. Deepak’s movie is gone. Pooja is finalized for his movie and I hear that she has asked for less fees. I do not know what I should do now. I hope I do not hear another movie loss tomorrow!”

“Mia, don’t discuss about movies, promotions and for that matter anything in front of your servants. Be careful. Stay alert!”

“Okay. Thanks a ton Ankit!”

(To be continued)

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