Thursday, 12 November 2015

Pari --- Part III


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“Acting is a very complex job.” I announced to Pari, one evening.

“Yeah!” she replied.

“What is wrong Pari?” I said when I realized that she was upset.

“It’s nothing Mia. I have been facing some financial problems. My current job does not pay me well.”

“Listen! If I bag this role, then you can become my manager. It will be fun and your financial problems will also be solved. I do not want to hear a NO.”

“Okay.” She smiled.

I bagged the role. My acting career got a kick start. I appointed Pari as my manager. And today, it’s been 4 years that I am in film industry with 5 super hit movies and 10 product endorsements. The count would have been 11 in case they hadn’t backed out at the 11th hour.

“Success and failures are ingredients of the recipe called life” I said to myself.

I picked my phone and dialed Ankit’s number. Ankit was like a ‘Google’ to me. If I wanted to share some news or find out some, Ankit helped me. I paid him for his work.
“Hi Ankit! I want you to find out who has been signed for the endorsement of Star Cosmetics products before they launch their product in market. They have cancelled the contract with me.” I knew the ways the movie industry worked. Nobody gave a damn to what you did. If you want something, you had to strive for it.

“I will do it as early as possible. Bye.”

Nobody in the industry knew about Ankit and the kind of work he did for me.

“Ma’am, your shot is ready.” said a spot boy to me.

“Yes. I am coming.” I said and moved to shoot.

One month later

“Mia baby! What are you going to wear for the magazine launch day after?” asked Vicky, my dress designer.

“Vicky, I want you to decide it.” I smiled.

“Listen darling! A maroon pencil skirt with a sleeveless cream colored shirt will look good on you. Try wearing it today!” he advised.

“Yes Mia. You will look beautiful.” Pari popped in.

Just then Pari’s phone started ringing.

“Guys, please be quiet. I need to answer this call.”

We kept quiet while she finished with her call.

“Yes. Now you can continue.” I smiled and so did Vicky.

“Okay. I shall try it!” I further said “Guys, I am very happy. I do not have any work tomorrow. I am free to rest.” I declared.

“Yes Mia. Take rest tomorrow. You have a busy week ahead.” said Pari.

(To be continued)

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