Thursday, 5 November 2015

Pari --- Part I


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“Hello! Am I talking to Pari, Mia Ma’am Manager?”


“Ma’am, I am calling from Star Cosmetics.”


“Ma’am, I am sorry to tell you that we cannot afford Mia Ma’am for the endorsement of our products. Her fees are too high.”

“What? But we had signed the contract yesterday! You did not mention anything about fees then!”

“Yes. I know that. But the director has said no to it now.”

“How can you do this?” her voice sharpened.

“I am sorry Ma’am. I cannot do anything with it.”

“Okay. Thank You.”

“Bye Ma’am.” She disconnected her call and turned to look at me.

“What is it?” my eyes questioned her.

“Mia” she sighed “That was a call from Star Cosmetics. They are saying that they cannot go forward with us. According to them, your fees are too high.”

The expression on my face changed. I gestured my make-up man to stop.

“We had signed the contract. Isn’t it?” I asked.

“Yeah Mia. I do not know why they took such a decision.” She appeared sad. “Don’t worry Mia. You will be considered for some other. It’s their loss, not ours. So chill! Focus on your scene.” She built up my confidence.

Pari, my manager, was my best friend since my school days. We were neighbors. We would go to school together and study together. She was intelligent. She helped me a lot with my studies. We, both, loved acting and hence participated in the plays organized by our school. Pari did not come from a well-to-do family. They were poor. She could not afford expensive clothes and sandals. I, being the only child of my parents, was pampered a lot. My parents fulfilled all my wishes.

“Mama, shall we buy a dress for Pari?” I asked my mother once when we had been for shopping.

“Yes dear.” My mother said.

From that day onwards, buying stuffs for Pari became a routine. Whether I went shopping in a mall or vacation in another state, I would always get things for Pari. She had become a sister to me and so had I to her.

After we finished our college, Pari opted to take up job and I switched to modeling. I had decided I would become an actor. We, Pari and me, saw less of each other. She was busy with her job while photo shoots, fashion shows and acting course ate up most of my time.

Time flew away like wind.

(To be continued)


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