Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Book Review: It Doesn’t Hurt To Be Nice by Amisha Sethi


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Book Name- It Doesn’t Hurt To Be Nice

Authoress- Amisha Sethi

Publisher- Srishti Publishers and Distributors

Price- Rs. 175


Kiara is a dynamic, thirty-something girl who has reached great heights professionally, and is the apple of the eye for almost everyone who knows her. But she never took any short cuts to become happier, wiser, healthier and more compassionate.

She had to find rays of hope where the dark tunnel seemed unending, and identify shade in life’s burning path. She found little pearls of wisdom in chasing her dreams, in spreading laughter, in learning from scriptures and philosophers, and even at one point in almost ending her life.

More than Kiara’s story and the wisdom she achieves through the various dramatic and hilarious experiences, this book is a motion picture with you in the lead role. You as the ‘hero’ who can beat the most stubborn of villians – most of which lie deep within us… our fear, unkindness, selfish interests, negative thoughts and jealousy. You as the ‘heroine’ who is sharp and witty in talking, selfless and caring in love, and charming and beautiful inside out, like one other (perhaps a 2.0 version of you).

Walk with Kiara to find a better you, because It Doesn’t Hurt To Be Nice.

My Take-

It Doesn’t Hurt To Be Nice serves as a guide towards self-realisation and contentment. We humans, are the most unsatisfied creations of God. We always keep our greed before our need. We crave for success, freedom and happiness. We are prisoners of hatred, jealousy and anger. Apart from these, there are many more things that are existent in this nature that we usually neglect or turn deaf ear to! Its love, sacrifice, kindness and responsibility!

Have we ever given a part of our meal to those hungry kids on the street?

Have we helped our colleagues with their work?

Have we ever loved someone selflessly?

As for me, the answers to all above questions are NO! It’s really shameful. Ain’t it? Reading this novel changed my vision of looking at things. I have started to feel a kind of positivity within me. I have started to believe that love is the only religion that must exist in this world.

The book is divided in to chapters- each giving out a message. The shlokas from Upanishads and other holy books are cherries on the cake. They are very well explained in simple and plain English which makes the reader feel at ease. The illustrations (caricatures) at the beginning of each chapter give you a brief idea about what the chapter is going to be all about. The narration is simple and a plus point for this book. Some incidences are narrated which add some more weight to the facts. There are a few messages in between the chapters which are extremely inspiring.

I rate-

Cover- 4/5

Narration and Plot- 3.5/5

My overall rating for It Doesn’t Hurt To Be Nice is 3.8/5 stars. 

You can grab your copies here!


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