Friday, 13 November 2015

Book Review- King of Hearts by Prassant Kevin

Book Name: King of Hearts

Author: Prassant Kevin

Publisher: BookMozo

Price: Rs. 150


At the age of 21, Ayan left his home and ran to Delhi in search of his dream and identity. In everybody’s eyes, he was nothing but a loser except for his best friend, Misha, with whom he falls in love. And after two years of hardship, when he finally got his long awaited chance, he stunned the whole nation and became one of the greatest artist and heartthrob of this generation.

But destiny had some other plans for him and one day, something happened which turned his world upside down. He was on the verge of losing everything he ever had and to save them all, he had to fight the greatest battle of his life.

To know more, read the astonishing tale of a young man’s extraordinary journey to find his lost dreams, love and friendship.

My take:

Ayan, a young boy aged 21 years, moves in to Delhi to pursue his dreams. He has had to pay a heavy price for it. A fight with his fami8ly for not joining their already flourishing business was the cost.  Ayan lands up in Delhi with mere amount of cash in his pockets and abundant hope. He befriends Misha and discovers a never-ending bond of friendship with her. Ayan gets his debut novel published and becomes a best-selling author after months of struggle. He confesses his love feelings to Misha who doesn’t acknowledge his love and leaves him forever.

Ayan doesn’t give up on life and acts strong. He manages to write another bestseller. Life takes a great shape for him until the very day that fateful accident occurs. What incident occurs? Does Misha come back to Ayan to help him out? What is Ayan’s story?

The story opens up with a bang which steals the reader’s attention. But as one move towards the end, the progress considerably slows down and the interest kind of diminishes (may be that is cause of Ayan’s sad life). The narration has been engaging. Using simple English is a major advantage because one doesn’t need to open up the dictionary for synonyms every now and then.

  • The names of the characters- Ayan and Misha
  • Misha and Ayan’s relationship
  • Ayan’s quest for success

Dislikes/ Drawbacks:

  • The novel requires editing. There were many instances where sms short forms of the words were discovered.
  • Naming the chapters would have been like the cherry on the cake.

King of Hearts teaches you that no matter how adverse or bad your life turns in to, you must never lose hope. You must always pursue your dreams.

I rate:

Cover: 4/5
Story: 3/5
Characters: 2.5/5

My overall rating for King of Hearts is 3/5.

You can book your copies here!

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