Saturday, 8 August 2015

The Incredible Indian Short Stories


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Publisher: Airavat Publishing.

Title of my story: Mario- The Toddy Tapper.

Price: Rs. 199.


The word India came from the river Indus where as the word Hindustan is a mix of the words Indus and Hindu. India contributed to the world, Algebra and Trigonometry. Sadly, today's India is different from the Satyayuga (golden age) that India had then. Black clouds encircle the Indian sky now. Rape, corruption and riots are the common identification marks of India at present. The Incredible Indian Short Stories is a short story anthology that brings out the History, Culture, Religion and various shades of India and life in India.


Mario had accomplished his goal. Not only Clara and his mother, but the entire Goan population was proud of him. No person ever dreamt that this man with no education would achieve such a great feat. He had proved to the alien government that Goan businessman still existed in Goa and that they had not conquered the entire state of Goa, yet. He became famous as 'Mario- The Toddy Tapper' amongst the Portuguese. Mario had, indeed, etched his name in the history of Portuguese rule in Goa.

What was Mario's goal?

Why was the entire Goan population proud of Mario?

Find out all the answers in my story- Mario- The Toddy Tapper.

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