Thursday, 27 August 2015

A Beginning or An End - Part III

‘Go on’ Aditya said when I looked at him.

‘God pitied me. He understood my sufferings and sent one of my Uncles home. He convinced my father to allow me to learn computers in a Computer Institute. And very soon, I started attending the classes. I completed my course and found a job in a company. I was designated as Office Assistant. I was paid well and that allowed me to buy a cellphone for myself. The year was 2010 then. I got back in touch with my friends and also Sanket. He also, owned a cellphone. Our relationship was re-developing again. We chatted and talked over phone’

He is a good listener.

‘You must have been so happy then!’ he exclaimed.

‘I was very very very happy. My happiness was temporary. Sanket had taken to drinking and worked as a chauffeur for some rich guy. He came drunk to meet me. He used abusive language. Some days later, he started avoiding meeting me. I was really worried for him’

‘Was his unusual behavior the reason for break-up?’, Aditya interrogated.

‘Tara was’, I sighed.

‘You! How can you be the reason? You love him so much’

‘Listen to me Adi! I have not finished yet’, I rebuked him.

Did I just call him Adi? What is wrong with me?

Stay tuned for the next part!

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