Tuesday, 25 August 2015

A Beginning or An End - Part II

He raised his eyebrows in surprise.

‘I mean he does not know that I still love him. Besides, I do not want him back and same was the case four years ago’ I explained.

I do not want to sound a slut to you.

He nodded his head.

‘Tara, Tell me you love story’

‘Why don’t you start with yours?’

He opened his mouth to say ‘Ladies First’ but then swallowed his words.

‘Okay! Her name was Roshni. I liked her the day I saw her. We became great friends. I proposed to her. She said yes and we started dating. A week later, both of us realized that we weren’t in love. It was just infatuation. We broke up. We are friends now and still in contact.’

‘Is that it?’ I looked at him with my eyes wide open.

‘Yes! Now you!’

So short story. It was definitely infatuation.

‘Well. I met Sanket at my aunt’s wedding in 2004. He is my aunt’s neighbor. I was in SSC then. He was handsome and I had a crush on him the moment I saw him that day. He was busy with the marriage preparations. He was my cousin’s friend. He was a college dropout and was not working. We were introduced to each other and became friends. Though the marriage ceremony ended, our friendship did not. H would often come to meet me after my school. My friends teased me a lot. However, I rebuked them and convinced them that we were just friends. I, myself, deep in my heart, wanted it to be true. Yes, I was in love with him. I was in love with the guy who did nothing for living. I was in love with the guy whom my parents would never approve. It was valentine 2004 when he came to meet me at school. He presented a red rose to me and said those magical words. I was in seventh heaven. I was very happy. I thanked God. Valentine was soon followed by my SSC Boards. I did exceptionally well in my exams and scored 72% marks. My parents were happy at my success’ I smiled.

‘What happened next?’ he asked.

‘He, too, was happy for me. I got myself enrolled for Commerce stream. I loved banking. I wanted to make banking as my career. Little did I know that the bad period in my life had started with me entering HSSC. College meant bunking lectures. It was not possible in school, in college it was. I bunked lectures to meet Sanket. We would sit in college canteen and talk for hours. Our relationship was turning into a public one now. It was no longer a secret. Spending time with Sanket became my first priority. I started neglecting my studies. My marks suffered. My parents scolded me. They had not expected less marks from me’ I grew sad.

Aditya placed his hand on mine. We were like that for some time.

Why did I not withdraw my hand?

‘It was January 2008. I and Sanket were sitting in canteen, hand in hand when my brother spotted us’
‘Oh my God! He told your parents about you and Sanket’ he concluded.

‘Yes. He told my parents. My father beat me that day. Throughout my childhood, he had not scolded me. But that day, he was beating the shit out of me. I consumed all the pain happily. My love was put for a test and I wanted to emerge successful. I begged him for Sanket. He did not listen to my plea. He ordered me not to meet him. According to him, he was a spoilt boy. He was but too blind for me to see it. ‘College or no college’ was the options given to me. If I chose college, Sanket would be out of my life. I chose ‘No College’. I was determined. I gave up on my dreams of banking for Sanket. My love was much valuable and dear to  me than my career at that time’

‘Tara, Were you allowed to answer your HSSC boards?’

‘Yes. I answered my exams. I met Sanket during that time. He assured me that he would find some work for him and then talk to my parents. My exams got over in April 2008 and the following month, my results were declared. I scored 69% marks. My father did not talk a word about my graduation. He remembered my decision. He was adamant and so was I. I was at home for about a year. No person at home talked properly to me. I longed to get out of the house, meet my friends, and meet Sanket. But I wasn’t allowed. I was warned that if I tried to sneak out, the doors would be permanently closed. I had no option than to stay indoors’

Stay tuned for the next part!

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