Sunday, 30 August 2015

A Beginning or an end - part IV


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‘Sanket’s behavior was growing weirder day by day. I contacted his friend. He told me something which I did not ever want to hear. Sanket was in another relationship and Tara was the girl’s name. his friend explained to me how Sanket met Tara and about their relationship’

‘You must have been broken! I am so sorry!’ Aditya consoled me.

He is caring.

‘What are you sorry when the person who should be isn’t? I met Sanket the same day and asked him why he did this to me. He told me how lonely he had been and how Tara helped him in my absence. He told me that she was just like me- caring, helpful and that’s the reason why he got attracted to her. I was broken. I rushed home and cried a lot. All my dreams had been shattered. The love of my life had  deceived me, cheated on me. That night I received a message form Sanket. He said that I had no future in my career. He told me that Tara earned a lot more than me. And that was one of the reasons why he chose her over me. I had lost my temper. I texted him to f**k off and deleted him and his number from my life’ I had tears in my eyes.

‘Don’t cry Tara. He does not know that he has lost a diamond. If I was in his place, I would have never let you go’ he consoled me, again.

Why did he say like that?

‘I begged pardon for my mistake from my father. He said that he had already forgiven me! I got a job in Municipal Council in 2011. I am working there for 3 years now’

‘Did Sanket try to contact you?’

‘No Adi! He did not. He never really loved me. He wanted money which I could not  give him. I feel really bad for myself. I gave up my career for him. I gave up my dream. And in return, I did not get anything. He made me feel like a loser. I learnt from his friend that he married Tara in 2012 and has a son. He does not work and is surviving on Tara’s money’

Aditya stared into my eyes.

‘Whatever happens, happens for good Aditya. Otherwise, I would have been in Tara’s place worrying about future. At least, I am happy now, earning for myself, without slightest worry about future’ I smiled.

We finished our coffee. It was 8 o’clock in the evening.

I had never discussed Sanket with anybody. I wonder why I told you about him. But I felt good talking to Adi. Thank You Adi. I think I like you.

‘Its 8’, I announced.

‘Yeah. We need to rush home’ Aditya said.

He cleared the bill and walked towards me.

‘What are you writing?’ he asked.

I handed him a piece of paper and said ‘That’s my phone number. I too like you. Call me. We will meet soon’ I walked towards my bike and rode home. I felt free today, free from Sanket. My heart felt lighter. ‘Was it an end or a beginning?’ I wondered.

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