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The Jingle of a Mingle by Dr. Preeti Batra - Book Review

romantic comedy book

Book Name - The Jingle of a Mingle

Author - Dr. Preeti Batra

Publisher - Invincible Publishers

Blurb -

The Jingle of a Mingle is a comedy of errors that is set in motion by a middle aged couple looking to rediscover love after many years of marriage. Between the demands of their teenagers and commands of their parents, they lost each other somewhere along the way. As their lives take twists and turns even their children and grandparents get tangled up in the web of confusion. See how the jingle of their mingle unfolds, and how their story ends...

Review -

The moment I read the title of this book, I wasn't very sure about how the story would be like. I had started to believe that it would be that usual tale about an extra-marital affair with loads of humor. Thinking it to be a light read, I started reading the book. I read the first few chapters and was convinced that the story was very much like I had assumed it to be. But as I read further, the story astonished me. There was a complete twist in the plot. And I indeed started loving it.

The story is about a couple who feel that the spark in their relationship has extinguished. They wish to revive this lost spark through secret meetings. They behave like teenagers who have recently found the love of their lives. Their secret life takes a drastic turn when their family learns about their affair. What happens next? Are they successful in rekindling their relationship?

The plot is something unique. And the reason why I enjoyed reading this book is because of its uniqueness. The plot has been well crafted. The story will keep you surprising at every turn of the page. You will be overwhelmed with emotions. The story will give you butterflies in your stomach, will educate you and teach you the essence of communication in any relationship. Categorising this story as a romantic tale wouldn't do justice to the story. It is much more than a love story.

I loved the narration. It has been done well. It will keep you engaged and interested until the very last page. The language is simple. The story has a realistic touch to it.

It is only when you read this book that you will understand the complexities of any relationship and how to deal with them. The story has been narrated in a kind of casual way. But the author gives out many lessons through this story. You need to have the knack to identify those lessons and implement them in your lives.

This book is a refreshing read - a change from those cliched love stories.

I rate-
Cover: 1/5
Characters: 4/5
Story: 4.5/5

My overall rating for The Jingle of a Mingle is 4/5 stars.

You can purchase your copies on Amazon.

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