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Jalta Paani by Meenna Dawar ‘Mohini’ – Book Review

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Book Name- Jalta Paani

Author- Meenna Dawar ‘Mohini’

Publisher- Invincible Publishers


'Jalta Paani' is a collection of stories relating the life experiences of acid attack victims and how they coped with the terrible experience to regain their sense of purpose in life. The book works as an excellent medium to question the attitude of the society towards the victims, and also the government and the constitution which allows the per perpetrators of such a heinous crime to walk away with minimal punishment. For the purpose of this book, Meena Dawar traveled across various cities in North India to interact with share in the pain of these acid attack survivors and used her position as an artist and a poet to make their voices heard. All revenue generated for the sales of this book goes into the welfare of acid attack victims. Meenna Dawar entered the world of books and poetry by relating her own experiences, lessons and teachings from life in the garb of words. Being both an author and a poetess, she possesses the beautiful art of expressing herself with a charm very unique to her. She is known amongst her peers as 'Mohini' and is applauded for being an emotionally strong and beautiful writer who always manages to touch the heartstrings of all her readers with her delicate string of words. She has her own individual take on relationships and the society which she never fails to portray beautifully in each of her creative productions.


I believe that it takes real courage to tell your story to the world especially when the story brings you pain. Through this book, the author has told stories of those courageous and beautiful women out there. The title of this book gives you a faint idea about what the book could be. Yes, it is about acid attacks and the stories of those heroic women out there.

I feel pained to know the reasons why these women were subjected to such heinous torture. Feelings of revenge, jealousy, obsession, etc. was the trigger for this crime. Are we so blinded by these negative emotions that we do not value life? This book is truly an eye-opener.

The stories are being narrated in a very simple language. There are snippets of poems in between the stories. The poems are so well-written that you will feel all emotional.

Acid attack survivor is what these people are generally called. I would call them brave hearts. This book is not about the stories of acid attack survivors but that of courage and inspiration.

A must read.

I rate it with 4.5/5 stars.

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