Tuesday, 27 March 2018

The Day I Started To Think by Sreeja Vinnakota - Book Review

Book Name: The Day I Started To Think

Author: Sreeja Vinnakota

Publisher: Invincible Publishers


"Listen to me, young lady. You have thirty days to return Tanya's crown or else, your father is as good as dead."

One phone call disrupted the lives of Arya McLean and her family.

The daughter of a wealthy businessman, Arya had never been exposed to the big bad world. Now, in a quest to save her father from the clutches of a sinister bunch of villains, she comes across shocking revelations about her family and is faced with a decision that could either save the world or plunge it into complete chaos. 


The Day I Started To Think cannot be decribed as a novel belonging to one particular genre. There is mystery. There is fantasy. There is suspense. And much more.

The story is about Arya, the protagonist. Arya's father has gone missing. She receives threats from an unknown source that she needs to find and hand over Tanya's crown if she wishes to see her father alive. There are two people who are after the crown. Will Arya find the crown? Will she fight the kidnappers? Where is the crown and what is the crown's story?

The story begins with the incident where Arya's father is kidnapped. I feel that the beginning of the story was done fabulously. It created questions like 'Why' and 'How' in my mind. It was enough fuel to the fire. It made me want to find the answer and kept me hooked on to the story. A series of events unfold later. As you proceed, you encounter numerous questions which makes finding answers mandatory. Such is the 'engagement' aspect of this book. Every chapter surprises you. This book is indeed an awesome read.

I loved the manner in which the author has maintained the mystery aspect of the story. It is revealed in parts - which keeps you interested and entertained throughout the reading session. The characters are well-crafted. I could relate my reading experience with the movie 'The Chronicles of Narnia'. The narration seems realistic. The simple language and 'not-so-complicated' names of characters makes this book an easy read.

If you have been a fan of fantasy novels, the movies like 'The Chronicles of Narnia' or 'Journey to the Mysterious Island', go for this book. It is worth the read.

I rate-
Characters: 3.5/5
Story: 4/5

My overall rating for 'The Day I Started To Think' is 4/5 stars.

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