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For a Girl in a Star by Ratna Chandu - Book Review

for a girl in a star, ratna chandu

Book Name – For a Girl in a Star

Author – Ratna Chandu

Publisher – Srishti Publishers and Distributors


What do you do when your best friend, the one person who has stood by you through thick and thin, knows you better than you know yourself and literally saved your life falls in love with the same girl as you? Avinash and Sahas, two village boys arrive in Bangalore in search of art and in pursuit of ambition. Sahas, hardworking and nervous, antonym to his friend, has emerged from a troubled past only to find that his future doesn’t come without encumbrances. Their friendship is the one constant in the two boys’ lives, but that is tested when they each meet Aarti, a mysterious, compassionate, beautiful girl who captures both their imaginations and sets their hearts aflame. Will their passion for the same girl and an untimely tragedy, sunder the two friends forever? A compelling tale with twists and turns reminiscent of India’s melodramatic films, For a Girl in a Star deals with the age old staples of young love, heartbreak and what it means to be a true friend.


The title of this novel and the blurb appeared quite filmy to me. Two best friends falling in love with the same girl – typical Bollywood story. This is the thought that came to my mind. With this thought, I started reading this book. The story went on just like the way it happens in the movies. And then arrived the shocking twist. And the story grew interesting.

The book seems predictable at first but then it grows interesting and keeps the reader hooked on to it. This is the thing I loved about this book. The story is a unique one. It has the potential to keep you engaged until the last page. The pace of the story is fast. I loved the manner in which the author has written all the chapters. She builds suspense in the prologue and it is only during the end that you find the answers. The story being a tale of friendship and love will give you good lessons for life.

I loved the way the author has created the characters. The two protagonists seem to be much different from each other yet they are best of friends. I envy their friendship. The girl, who seemed like a sweetheart, ever since she was introduced in the story has a minimal yet very important role to play. The close family of the protagonists are too given an equal share in the story. All the characters and their lives is kept in a loop.

I liked this book for the following reasons-
-The surprising plot
-The lessons of love and friendship

I rate-
Cover- 3/5
Characters- 4/5
Story- 4/5

I rate ‘For a Girl in a Star’ with 4/5 stars.

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