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Book Review - The Unpredictable Heart by Moksh

The Unpredictable Heart - Book Cover

Book Name: The Unpredictable Heart

Author: Moksh

Publisher: Patridge India 

Price: Rs. 299

Story in a nutshell:

The Unpredictable Heart is a story of Mrinav and his love life. He works at a call center and does his work quite well. Mrinav falls in that category of age wherein one has many crushes and infatuations. He develops feelings for Rati who reveals to him the news of her marriage the day he proposes to her. Time flies and he finds himself interested in Ankita. He never gathers courage to convey his feelings to her. She leaves the city for Chennai. Mrinav is heartbroken. Is he able to get hold of his life and move on? Who is Jiya and why does she want to help him?


The cover of the book goes perfectly well with the title as well as the story. Red is the color of love - the right color for a love story novel.

Coming to the story, the story of The Unpredictable Heart is simple and heart touching one. It is written straight from heart and doesn't have many twists and turns. The frankness of the author is visible at many places. It is a perfect book for readers who enjoy reafingreading romance. Moving on to the narration, it is done in first person narrative. The narration is simple and you'll like the simplicity from this novel. The language is simple and the dialogues seem innocent and sweet. There aren't many main characters. Though the story mentions a few throughout the read, they aren't the backbone of this story. You'll fall in love withMrinav's innocence and Jiya's maturity. You'll envy Mrinav for having friends like Aditya and Jatin.

The Unpredictable Heart is a good read for all romance lovers out there. The story is about love and companionship. It has many lessons to give but you need a foresight to grab them!

  • The innocence in the story.
  • The story has an open end which very well makes us expect a sequel. Waiting to hear from the author the announcement of a sequel.

  • There isn't a specific blurb. Lines from the story are taken and put on the cover. A blurb would have been good. Also, the font size of these lines are very small and hence, unreadable.

I rate:
Cover: 3.5/5
Characters: 3/5
Storu: 3/5

The Unpredictable Heart gets 3/5 stars from me.

If you have liked my review, go to and buy this novel.

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