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Book Review: The Coffee and The Cola by Kapil Muzumdar

The Coffee and The Cola - Book Cover

Book Name:  The Coffee and The Cola 

Author: Kapil Muzumdar 

Publisher: Notion Press 

Price: Rs. 199 


With a coffee, you get addicted. With a cola, you mix it with an addiction. One you'd like to have by your side when you begin a relationship, while the other serves as a shoulder to lean on when you end one. The Coffee and The Cola comes from the author's belief that there is a correlation between traits in women and the properties of these two beverages. 

This book traverses through an ordinary narrative built around an extraordinary premise. 
Men could devour him. And as the story progresses, female readers could end up relating to one of the two molds or simply loathe! 

Story in a nutshell:

The Coffee and The Cola is a story about Kapil, the narrator and the protagonist, Rahul. Rahul comes from a broken family. His parents are divorced. He is well settled in his job and believes that it's time he gets married. He registers himself on a matrimonial site. He finds Radha through the site and they click instantly. Rahul dreams of his future with Radha only to find that Radha has taken up an assignment overseas. Rahul is heart broken. He meets Nora during this time and finds solace in her company. What does Rahul do when Radha returns back to India abandoning her job? This story is about Rahul - a guy confused between The Coffee- Radha and The Cola- Nora.


The Coffee and The Cola - just as the name suggests is a hatke kind of a novella. It is said that everyone remembers the first person to do a certain thing. Noone remembers the second. In similar way, the author will be remembered for his debut book. The Coffee and The Cola is a kind of story that can happen to anyone of us. Having a liking for two person at a time often confuses us. The author has narrated to us a story of a guy who has been in similar situation. The author uses coffee and cola to help distinguish the behaviour of women. He feels that a woman is either a coffee or a cola. Confused about what I am saying? You must read this book.The story primarily revolves around Rahul, the protagonist and his interests - Radha and Nora. The narrator, Kapil is Rahul's acquaintance. The story doesn't have many characters. Their role is limited. I believe that their part could have been made more engaging. The most appealing feature of this book is the character that of Radha and Nora. They both are simply amazing. 

The narration has been done in first person and has been done exceptionally well. That personal touch in the narration makes reading an awesome experience. There isn't use if fancy words and idioms. The book is written straight from heart. The quotations about the coffee and the cola are cherries on the cake. They are very much relatable. If you're a girl, you'll wonder to which category you belong - the coffee or the cola. And if you're a guy, you'll think to which category your girl belongs to. These thoughts will come to your mind when reading the quotations. 

The story will make you ponder over the behavior of women. I loved the author's way of attributing women to the two drinks. The book is truly an ordinary story built around extraordinary premise. A must read! 

  • The extraordinary premise - the coffee and cola. 
  • The simple and realistic narration. 
  • The quotations from the story. 

Note to the author: I thought over both the types - the coffee and the cola and have reached to a conclusion that I don't belong to either of them. I exhibit both the traits. What should I call myself? Cola-fee? 

I rate: 

Cover- 3.5/5 
Characters- 4/5 
Story- 4/5 

Overall I rate 'The Coffee and The Cola' with 4/5 stars. 

Curious about the book? Buy it on Amazon.


  1. Thanku Divya for the kind words :) Yes so you could be a coffee-la or a cola-fee!
    Depends which of the two traits are leaning more.. Most women are both or have been one at some point to only become the other...but there are cases of authentic types and they remain so.... a man is ever lucky to find one true or absolute kind!!


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