Friday, 20 January 2017

Book Review: Control The Treacherous Moon by Tushar Janjalkar

Control The Treacherous Moon - Book Cover

Book Name: Control The Treacherous Moon
Author: Tushar Janjalkar
Publisher: Omji Publishing House 

Price: Rs. 175


They say your acts resemble the machinations of your thoughts. But the great question is: Are your thoughts, your feelings really yours? The financial capital of the world, New York, is terror-stricken. Death is crawling forth from the sewers, every full moon nights. On each occasion, an Indian is found involved and the diplomatic relations between the two countries are at breaking point. NYP detective John is continuously failing to track down the true perpetrators behind these incidents. The situation worsens when John's case causes a threat to his love, Disha, a neurologist. Alongside, her security becomes his priority. When Disha learns that it's not just her life at stake and her own past has united with the present in the cabal to ruin the future of many lives, she secretly sets out to uncover the mystery. Will Disha and John succeed in their journeys? Or will end up losing everything including their love? And above all, will the secret of moon ultimately be revealed? 

Story in a nutshell: 

A group of scientists are working  on device which can control any machine by using  brain waves. There occurs a fallout between the team members as there are rumours that one of them is involved in terrorist association. He is prohibited from conducting the research and is thrown out of the team. Few days later, device goes missing. Strange accidents happen with the other team members as well. One after the other all the team members are killed except for one scientist who is in coma. He is the only recluse for the detectives to solve this case. Another fact that cannot be missed is that the strange accidents happen on the full moon's day. Will the detectives be able to solve the case? Or will America experience another terror attack? 


It is said that one should never judge a book by its cover. This book falls in that category. The cover isn't quite appealing but the blurb is! It creates curiosity in the minds of the readers. Coming to the story, the plot has been thoughtfully crafted. The author has taken into consideration all the points and then plotted this story. The incidents and events have been rightly placed. I could feel it when I started reading. The author has ended every chapter at a very important turning point and this compels you not to put down the book. The book has the ability to keep you hooked onto it.The narration is done in third person. It is lucid and engaging. The author has written this story in simple English and hence, is an easy read. Interesting storyline and simple yet engaging narration are the two strong positives of this story. It is an amazing read. 

  • The research that the author has done. 
  • The plot that is crafted so thoughtfully. 
  • The suspense that is maintained until the end. 

  • The cover could have been better. 

I rate: 

Cover: 2/5 
Characters: 3.5/5 
Story: 4.5/5 

I rate 'Control The Treacherous Moon' with 4/5 stars.

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