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Book Review - The Icelandic Voyage by Dr. Amit Gupta

The Icelandic Voyage - Book Cover

Book Name: The Icelandic Voyage 

Author: Dr. Amit Gupta 

Publisher: Invincible Publishers 

Price: Rs. 490 


Travel books strive on cliches. And mostly it is a single man on a 'journey of self-discovery', phew. Well, not this one. The author along with his family decides to take a trip to the outlandish Iceland. It was a huge task first of all to convince his family to side-line a trip to the sandy beaches of Italy or France and linger upon the idea of a country which has active volcanoes. After a delayed nod, they set on a road trip to discover the most unusual tourist destinations in the world. So, what sets Iceland apart, the black beaches, or a crashed plane turned into a tourist spot, or the city where the population of people can be counted on your fingers? Or the non-existence of mosquitoes & McDonalds. They don't coincide but you cannot find one in Iceland. Read their journey about how the author faces his family's indolent behaviour and how he deals with it throughout the whole trip. And also, take a glimpse of a rendition of 'Gerua', Gupta family style. 


'The world is a book and those who don't travel read just one page.' 

Dr. Gupta's book, The Icelandic Voyage is his travel experience to Iceland. Reading someone else's travel experience always leaves me in awe. Dr. Gupta's book did the same to me. Written in simple and plain English, Dr. Gupta tours you through his entire journey in a very easy and engrossing way. He talks about each and every moment he spent in Iceland. Right from waking up in morning to getting to bed at night, from breakfast to supper, he talks about it all. I liked the way Dr. Gupta has presented his book. The pictures are awesome and are a treat for the eyes. You will be awestruck by the beauty of the place. Most of us might not be knowing that the famous Gerua song from Dilwale was shot here. Dr. Gupta has also added a chapter named miscellaneous safety and fun tips which I feel is quite helpful. The hard bound book and the glossy pages are also a plus point of this book. 

Reading this book will surely make you want to visit this place. It's a heaven on earth. The travel bug has bitten me. I would love to visit Iceland. 

I rate:

Cover: 4/5 

I rate 'The Icelandic Voyage' with 4/5 stars. 

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