Thursday, 12 January 2017

Book Review- The Soul Charmer by Richa Saxena

The Soul Charmer - Book Cover

Book Name: The Soul Charmer 

Poetess: Richa Saxena 

Publisher: Half Baked Beans
Price: Rs. 67 


Remember the first time you uttered those three important words expressing your love or the first time when you said 'goodbye' to your loved one. The first time, you got a jolt in your heart or the first time you held a life in your arms. 

Richa Saxena has tried to put forth a compilation of thirty-five surreal poems that would recreate that magic and unleash your deepest thoughts. 

Seasons must have passed by, but that feeling still remains in the heart. 

Her poems would revive those very thoughts, the ones said and the ones that remained unsaid .


'The Soul Charmer' - as the name suggests the book charms your soul. There's magic in Richa's poems. These poems tingle your hearts. You will feel the rush of emotions. You will feel nostalgic. You will feel loved. Richa's poems will show you the mirror to your true feelings. There are a few stories and poems which make you aware of those hidden feelings, emotions inside you. A few of Richa's poems did that to me. 

These 35 poems will walk you through varied emotions of life - love, longing, realisations and many others. Each poem has that unique personal touch to it which will make you feel like it has been written for you. The thing that I liked the most is the use of simple and easily comprehensible language. There aren't fancy words used. A person having limited knowledge of English can also read and understand Richa's verses. Secondly, the poems are short and convey its message very well. 

The poems I loved from this collection are: 
  • She is the girl. 
  • The Sinful night. 
  • To the girl in love. 
  • The lifeless life. 
  • Tonight, i see you. 
  • Love me tonight. 
  • Do you love me, still? 
  • To the love of my life. 
  • The silent tormentor. 
  • To love, again. 

The Soul Charmer is a poetry collection that shouldn't be missed. 

I rate 'The Soul Charmer' with 5/5 stars.

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