Monday, 5 September 2016

Book Review - The Speaking Ghost of Rajpur

Book Name: The Speaking Ghost of Rajpur

Author: Priyonkar Dasgupta

Publisher: Thought Balloon Books

It is the early 1990's - the 'picturesque' small-town of Rajpur is in 'full summer bloom' and there is a definite sense of mystery in the air. Amidst its scenic setting each year a group of boys band together to spend their summer vacations - going cycling to far-off forests, sharing books, discussing everything under the sky and ogling at girls... But as youth would have it, their curious minds are more inclined to seek adventure and (hopefully!) uncover some mysterious affair. However, unlike their previous vain attempts, this time certain unusual events and the sudden appearance of a curious case of a ghost in their midst seem to hold the promise of some real adventure. In the pages of The Speaking Ghost of Rajpur rest assured that you will soon be whisked off and plunged into a headlong journey of adventure and romance of your own - on a path of discovery of friendship and brotherhood, of life and love - and, who knows, you might even encounter the Speaking Ghost itself!


Best read while traveling..

I always carry a literary read with me on my journeys, something which you don't have to put a lot of thought to while reading, and find it to be the most enjoyable way to pass the time. If you really like what you are reading, you get totally engrossed in the novel, and no matter how long it takes to reach your destination, you will never get bored. So this time while going for vacation, I picked up this recently launched fiction “The Speaking Ghost of Rajpur”, written by Priyonkar Das.

I personally had a wonderful time reading this amazing novel. I was finding it difficult to put down this interesting book and due to continue read I was delve deeper into the plot, away from the troubles of the mundane everyday life.

I started off with the first chapter and my interest grew as I traversed the pages. Each chapter made me eager to know the further part of the story.
The incidents have been described so well that you can actually picturize it happening. There is a personal touch in the narration which makes reading a pleasant experience. It reminded me of the days I visited my grandmother and played with my cousins and their neighbors. The flow of events in the story has been smooth and the reader doesn’t feel lost anywhere. The climax of this novel steals all your attention and is a surprising one.

I would say it’s one of the best read while traveling.


Overall, The Speaking Ghost of Rajpur is a wonderful treat for thriller lovers.

I rate it with 4/5 stars.
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