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Book Review: Sensual Attractions by A. J. Karan

Sensual Attractions - Cover Picture

Book Name: Sensual Attractions

Author: A. J. Karan

Publisher: Story Mirror

Price: Rs. 255


Suspense, passion and intrigue in the collection of short stories portraying relationships, company politics, friendship, love triangles and betrayal. Each story is gripping with enough twists and turns to shock you into stunned silence.


Sensual Attractions is a collection of 10 stories each belonging to erotic genre. Each tale is woven intricately with an end that will leave you surprised or shocked. It’s one you either surprised or shocked. It’s one amongst the boldest book I have read.

Friendship Pact
What will you do for your best friend’s happiness? Meet Sonali and Tara – childhood buddies. They were neighbours and hence, grew up together. The bond of friendship strengthened over time and they became inseparable. They agree upon a pact and name it friendship pact. What was the pact all about?

Perfectly plotted tale coupled with incredible narration makes ‘Friendship Pact’ an awesome read. The manner in which the intimacy is narrated will surely leave you in awe. A story which will have your toes curled! The mystery too is well maintained.

Rating: 4/5 stars.

The Plot Thickens!
Is wealth and property more important than any person’s life? Malathi plans the murder of her step-daughter, Deepa. She believes killing Deepa would open her doors to all of Deepa’s wealth. Is she successful in killing her?

Another awesome creation. How wicked Malathi gets over time is astonishing. Yes, I did feel bad for Deepa but I was also sure that nothing could go wrong with her. Lucid language, and a thrilling end makes ‘The Plot Thickens!’ a spicy treat.

Rating: 4/5 stars.

Corporate Espionage
President’s position was vacant. Praful and Ranjit were amongst the contenders for this position. They, have always been at dagger’s drawn with each other. Who will win this corporate race?

Politics at work hasn't been a new story to us. Add some politics, some mystery, some sex and some revenge. The by-product is ‘Corporate Espionage’.

Rating: 3/5 stars.

The Hotel-I and The Hotel-II
A crime scene has been discovered in the hotel where Poonam works. All the staff members are interrogated but no conclusion has been derived. Poonam receives a phone call from Mohan, a security camera and music expert who tells her about the evidence. The evidence reveals many secrets of the employees.

A story having excellent mystery. This story proves that ‘jo dekhta hain jaroori nahi ki wo waisa hi ho’.

Rating: 4/5 stars.

Love Jeopardy
Love Jeopardy is a story of young girl falling for an aged man. This man happens to be her professor. Professor-student relationship is usually considered as a sleazy affair. Are Anita and Rajan successful in saving their relationship from being tainted?

The moment I read this story, the following lines came into my mind.
“If you love someone truly, set them free. If your love is true, he’ll return back if not you know where you stand.”
Love Jeopardy is a story that will fill your heart with emotions. The explicit make-out scenes will leave you moist for sure.

Rating: 4/5 stars.

Emotional Conflict
Tanisha comes from a conservative family. She is married to Aadesh who doesn’t treat her like his wife. The family is hiding something from Tanisha. Is she successful in knowing the secret?

This story shows you the mirror to the society we live in. It talks about gay relationships. It also talks about the physical desires of a women. The narration is in first person and probably the reason why the intimate scenes seem to create a terrific effect.

Rating: 3.5/5 stars.

The Prodigal Family
Lakshaman is the only son of a wealthy business man. It is made sure that he receives good education. He is being sent to an island where he learns horse riding, the art of making love and some other self defense techniques.Upon returning from the island, he seems lost for he has fallen in love with a girl residing on that island. He is assigned a duty by his father. Does Lakshaman prove to be a dutiful son?

This story reminded me of the era of kings and queens. Perfect narration in simple and engaging plot makes this story a good read.

Rating: 3.5/5 stars.

Perilous Liaison
Rejendra and Aparna have a young girl named Akansha who is studying abroad. Rajendra own a huge business which would have been destroyed if Vishwas hadn’t entered their lives. Can a complete stranger whose name means trust be trusted?

Betrayal, danger, extra-marital affair, loss – were the words that kept resonating in my mind when I read this story. A thrilling one, indeed!

Rating: 4/5 stars.

Friendship Pact Returns
The pact that was decided between Sonali and Tara has a gruesome effect on their lives. What is this effect?

A story that has shocked you right from the beginning of the book will have the same impact on you when you read this one! Perfect mystery!

Rating: 4/5 stars.

A.J. Karan’s book ‘Sensual Attractions’ can be compared to salad. It has various veggies in the form of engaging stories each having a unique storyline. Those explicit intimate description, the unexpected twists and turns in the stories will make you crave for more!
I am eagerly waiting for Sensual Tales! ;)

I rate:
Cover: 2.5/5
Stories: 4/5

I rate ‘Sensual Attractions’ with 4/5 stars.

You can buy this enthralling read on Amazon.

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