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Book Review - The Seventh Cup by Nitesh Kumar Jain

The Seventh Cup - Cover Page

Book Name: The Seventh Cup

Author: Nitesh Kumar Jain


Story in a nutshell: 
'The Seventh Cup' - what does this title tell you? The title is itself a mystery. Isn't it? When I heard about this book,  all I wondered was what made the author name it as 'The Seventh Cup'. I started reading this book with one objective in my mind- why 'The Seventh Cup'? The story begins  with 'Chapter 0' ( A plus point- I like it when authors name/number chapters in a unique way) and narrates an incident that is bound to leave you with numerous questions.

As you read the further chapters, you'll be finding yourself more and more engrossed in the story. The story is about Avinash and Verona. It is the story of love that Avinash feels for Verona. But is forced to keep it to himself. Verona is in love with Kevin. Few months later, Verona goes missing and her missing case is reported at the police station. Detectives are hired to find the missing persons all over the state.

Are the detectives able to find the girl? Who helps them unreveal this missing case?

The Seventh Cup  has an excellent plot and good characterisation. The narration has been done in third person narrative. The lucid language and simple narration makes the reading good experience. There is a certain kind of ease that the reader is sure to feel. The flow of incidents in the beginning of the story might confuse the readers but, this confusion is also cleared as you proceed further.

The mystery/thrill element is perfectly maintained. The question 'What will happen next?' will remain in the minds of the reader at the turn of every page. The reader will surely be hooked on to this story. The climax remains a shocking one (Yeah, it can give goosebumps too).


The mystery factor


The flow of events. (The confusion in the beginning could be averted )

I rate 'The Seventh Cup' with 3.5/5 stars 

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