Sunday, 5 July 2015

The Turning Point Of Life


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Publisher: Author’s Ink Publications

Title of my story: And I realized Payal had grown up

Price: Rs. 250.

Life represents a roller coaster ride. It is thrilling and full of ups and downs. Life does not remain the same forever and everyday is a new story. But some changes are the ramifications of certain events that change the life for good. These may either build you or destroy you. This book has exciting and thrilling anecdotes of varied turning points of life and how they changed the lives for good. It has all the hues of life covered in its stories.

Payal was my only child. I had a series of miscarriages before conceiving her. Perhaps, that was the reason why I felt protective about her, that I wanted to know every single detail about her life and hence her diary. I was possessive about her. I was obsessed about her safety, her life and her. I did not want to lose her. I always pampered her and she hated me for that. “I have grown up Ma. Stop doing this to me.” She would say. But I did not change.
Parents always care for children. They are always possessive about them. It is said that no matter how old you grow, you will always remain a baby for your parents. Payal’s mother is not an exception either.

This story is of a realization that her daughter had grown up, that her daughter had matured, that her daughter had become responsible.

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