Thursday, 2 July 2015

Review of ‘The Blue Jinx’ by Nisha Thakur

Publisher: White Falcon Publishing

Thirty year old Nikhil has been selected to work for his dream company. He is raring to go and wants to give his best to his dream company. He meets his boss’s beautiful daughter, Samara and falls for her. A life which seems like a bed of roses becomes a nightmare, when he learns that someone has been raped and murdered Samara’s mother, two years back. The brutal fact is hidden by his boss. Samara thinks her mother passed away because of cancer. If Nikhil tells Samara truth, he will lose his job. If he tells Samara truth, will she believe him? Will he even tell Samara truth? Will the truth cost Nihil his true love for Samara? What if he loses Samara’s friendship?

Also, Nikhil’s life is in constant terror because of Samara’s mother ghost. Is Samara’s mother ghost real, or just an imagination of Nikhil’s guilty mind: of hiding truth from Samara?

Who has killed Samara’s mother? Why is Nikhil’s boss hiding his wife’s murder truth from his own daughter? Is this ghost real, or just an imagination of Nikhil’s guilty mind? Why is Samara’s mother ghost haunting Nikhil?

The psychological thriller story is turmoil between fact and imagination.

What did I feel about the story?

The name of this novel – The Blue Jinx is interesting. The story begins with a crime and as you proceed through the story you realise that it is this crime which caused nuisance in the character’s life.
Nikhil, a 30 year old, is a simple man who is in to interior designing. Interior designing had always been something he wanted to pursue. His father was naturally displeased with his profession. After multiple failures at his job, Nikhil finally decided to open his own company. His father did not help him. His mother came to his rescue and helped him with the finances.

Nikhil, finally, got a project to work on some months later. Little did he know that his life was going to change. Working for a businessman like Mr. Hemant Saxena, Nikhil thought his career graph would rise incredibly. But the moment Nikhil stepped in to the house, he was not himself. He experienced strange things. The boy who did not touch alcohol, started drinking it. The boy who was dedicated to his work, drifted to sleep during meetings. 

Enter Samara! Samara is the only daughter of Mr. Hemant Saxena. The once bubbly girl changed completely after her mother’s death. She wished to help Nikhil in redecorating their house. She loved her mother, Shanipriya and wanted her renovated house to look the way her mother always wanted to be.

Every person in the house is disturbed with Shanipriya’s death. Nikhil’s extraordinary experiences have become a matter of concern for all. Mr. Hemant Saxena attributes it as an escape from his project. Bhima, the watchman, feels it to be paranormal. Samara does not have any problem. She is just worried for her friend, Nikhil.

One fine day, Nikhil discovers Shanipriya’s medical reports and the story finds another twist. Mr. Hemant Saxena is hiding something from his daughter.

The Blue Jinx is a story about Shanipriya’s death, Nikhil’s paranormal experiences, Mr. Hemant’s helplessness and Samara’s stubborn behavior. Nikhil and Samara’s love story is an add-on to this!

What did I like about the story?

  • ·         Narration of Nikhil’s paranormal experince.

  • ·         Nikhil and Samara’s relationship.

  • ·         Hemant’s love for Shanipriya.

  • ·         The Blue Sapphire.

What I did not like about the story?

The first part of the story (until the discovery of medical reports) is long while the second part is short. The second part could have been made more long. The end seemed quite abrupt to me.

I rate:
Cover: 2/5
Characters: 3/5
Story: 3.5/5

My overall rating for the book is 3.5/5.

You can buy the book here!

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