Sunday, 5 July 2015

Love Bytes

Publisher: Moments Publisher

Title of my story: Will You Marry Me?

Price: Rs. 99

Love is an hour’s shower and letting someone else’s tears wash yours away. Love is that element that comes to you to embrace you in its grasp when you have nowhere to go. Love is not a because. It is no matter what.
For a reason does love need
And since when does love choose to die?
But reason suffers fallen state,
And reason learns to lie.
Reason plays sucha smallish part,
For reason breaks and bends
With love was the world created,
And with love shall it end.

“I want you to be officially mine. I want you to be legally mine only then I shall be able to move further with that act. I know I have troubled you a lot in the past and I continue to do it in present. I know that I am not handsome and that you will get a better guy than me. I know that at times I behave like a jerk.
But will you accept to grow old with me? Will you be a moral support for me throughout my life? Will you rebuke me if I go wrong? Will you be by my side every morning? Will you cuddle with me in the night? Will you help me in my difficult times by being my life partner? It’s hard to find girl like you. Sweet, simple, beautiful and intelligent! You are a perfect match for me. Will you marry me Payal? Will you be my soulmate?”

Marriage proposals have always been special. Do you want to know how Atul proposed to Payal? Read the story ‘Will You Marry Me?’ 

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