Sunday, 5 July 2015

Love Stories Around Us


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Publisher: Shades Publications

Title of my story: Payal, I promise you

Price: Rs. 150.

Have we ever wondered how these relationships are made? What connects people around the world? What is it that bind us together?
Love, sentiments and feelings keep us linked to each other. Till our feelings are alive, our relationships are alive; our love is alive. No one can teach you this emotion except life. And with every couple, there is a love story.
Shades brings you few of the Love Stories Around Us.

“I can’t be in relationship with you”, Payal explained.

“But Payal, You love me. Don’t you? Why not take our love a step further?” Atul demanded her answer.

“Of course, I love you. But relationships scare me. Its not you Atul. I can’t bring myself to the fact of getting into relationships. I am just not born for relationships”

“Why are you scared when I am with you?”

“You won’t understand Atul. You won’t”, Payal cried.

Meet Payal – a commitment-phobic girl!

What can be the possible reason for her running away from relationships? Is she admitting her love for Atul just because she does not want to hurt him? Why is she afraid of the relationships?

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