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The Lost Arcanum by Navin Reuben Dawson - Book Review

the lost arcanum, navin dawson book

Book Name: The Lost Arcanum

Author: Navin Reuben Dawson

Publisher: Invincible Publishers


Arcanum is a lost cache of esoteric wisdom guarded by a prehistoric secret brotherhood that besides holding dangerous information on disciplines ranging from metaphysical science, alchemy, advanced microbiology, anthropology and exhaustive cosmogony had known to contain, amongst many other, mankind's greatest untold truth about his origin. It's the subject of one of history's intriguing mysteries that was lost to time. But now, the hunt to unearth that cache of lost esoteric wisdom has begun once more. On the verge of solving series of gruesome murders, CBI officer, Jake Stevens, is pulled from the investigation. Intrigued, Jake seek answers and eventually stumbles upon a link that connects his long dead father and the murders to a secret - The Lost Arcanum. The link - a meticulously crafted cipher propels Jake through labyrinth of ancient secrets, hidden history and unseen truths scattered across the mysterious landscape of India, drawing him closer to a devastating secret buried since the beginning of time. With an unexpected company of Taneez - a historian, entangled in a treacherous chase with a professional killer and covert organization, Jake find himself on a deadly collision course with forces of vengeance, greed, power and the lost history itself.


I wasn't quite sure that I would complete reading this book so soon considering its length. I am amazed at the speed at which I completed reading this amazing book. The Lost Arcanum is as interesting as it's blurb. The cover gives a kick to your reading buds. It has been designed well.

I wouldn't go much into the details of the story. (I don't want my review to be a spoiler). The plot has been crafted well. The amazing characterization and lucid language makes this book an interesting read. The author has presented the book in an appreciable manner. The chapter ends with a twist and you will read it further to know more about it. Thus, you're hooked on to the book. The author keeps the mystery and suspense alive at the turn of each page. It is a perfect page-turner.

I would love to see this book converted into a movie. It has it all.

I rate this book with 4/5 stars.

You can buy your copies on Amazon.

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