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All that is unseen by Sahil Bhambri – Book Review

all that is unseen, sahil bhambri book

Book Name: All that is unseen

Author: Sahil Bhambri

Publisher: Invincible Publishers


All That Is Unseen, all that never really blossomed under the sky of truth. Embracing the voices coming from within and when these personalities started interlacing with each other, everything fades. The storm of facts started unfolding the time Nasia interceded for Arav's nightmare, for he didn't know whether what seems to be real is actually there or is an illusion from within his own mind, anymore. It's amusing that, how unreal the truth can become-how one feels about being unchained to fly but having short lived freedom- how one believes the seen but later encountered to be a game of betrayal, an elaborate set of unreal illusions that wheeled to destruction.


The title of this book is appealing and creates curiosity in the minds of the readers. All that is unseen – isn’t the title very interesting? The blurb gives you a faint idea about the story. It doesn’t get into details though.

The book starts with a mystery. As you start reading it, you find answers to the mystery and ultimately, end up falling prey to another one. Every page of this book presents you with a surprise. The story is about Arav and Nasia. The author has developed these two characters very thoughtfully. They complement each other. They fit in each other’s lives like the pieces of the puzzles. 

Our mind is the biggest puzzle. Thoughts lead on to more thoughts and you never know when you are caught in the web of thoughts. Arav and Nasia are too a prey to these games that the mind plays. Will they be successful at solving the puzzles the mind? The story has been woven perfectly well. You will be amazed by the author’s storytelling skills. The lucid language along with the descriptive kind of narration makes this book an awesome read. The story is being narrated in third person narrative. However, I feel that had it been done in first person it would have created a better impact.

Reasons why you should read this book-
- A great storyline.
- Well-crafted characters
- Amazing narration
- Makes you realize that the biggest mystery on this earth is human mind itself

This book is a refreshing read. 

I rate:
Cover: 3/5 stars.
Characters: 4/5
Story: 4/5

My overall rating for ‘All that is unseen’ is 4/5 stars.

You can buy your copies of this amazing book on Amazon.

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