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One Enduring Lesson by Jamal Merchant – Book Review

one enduring lesson, jamal merchant book

Book Name: One Enduring Lesson

Author: Jamal Merchant

Publisher: Rupa Publications


Give me your money, or I will kill you!’
‘Please…’ I gasped. ‘I’ve come from England to study!’
‘Well, let this be your first lesson, English boy…’

Eager to start a new phase in life, Rahul Saxena, 27, a half-Indian British citizen, recently out of job and rejected in love, lands in Mumbai from London to study filmmaking. But little does he know that Mumbai, the city of dreams, will turn his life inside out. From the dark corners of the streets as a professional rat killer to the vermin-infested confines of a jail, from shady dance clubs to the homes of Mumbai’s rich women where he is paid to provide pleasure—fate takes him on a roller-coaster ride that challenges his very will and determination to survive. When his secret life threatens to destroy even the love that he finds, Rahul seeks recourse in spirituality. Inspired by India’s synergetic religious traditions, Rahul fights back internal and external demons to write his own destiny.

One Enduring Lesson is a tale of the undying human spirit of survival against all odds.


One Enduring Lesson is a novel filled with friendship, love, anger, jealousy, helplessness and belief. It is a complete Bollywood movie package. 

The story is about Rahul, a young man from London who dreams of making films. Film making is his passion and he wished to pursue it from a university in India. Initially, his parents do not approve Rahul’s intention of moving out of London. After numerous attempts of persuasion, they finally agree. Rahul lands up in Mumbai. Will Mumbai treat him good? Does Rahul succeed in following his passion? Who is Radium and how is he connected to Rahul?

The author has crafted this story perfectly well. Every single thing is paid attention to. The story turns a bit predictable towards the end. However, the curiosity about what would happen still exists. The book is a perfect page turner at the beginning. It is narrated in first person narrative and is just perfect. This realistic narration will make you feel like you have been conversing with the protagonist or like you have been watching a movie.

The characters aren’t many. It is Rahul’s parents, his friends and his love interest. I personally loved Rahul. The way he thinks and cares about his parents, his dedication towards his passion, the manner in which he faces the adversities…all are worth praising.

One Enduring Lesson is an all-in-one combo. It teaches you how to face adversities of life. It teaches you to follow your passion. Hard work, dedication and unshakeable faith in God certainly moves mountains. It proves that every cloud has a silver lining.

I rate:
Cover: 3/5
Characters: 4/5
Story: 3/5

My overall rating for ‘One Enduring Lesson’ is 4/5 stars.

You can buy your copies of this amazing book on Amazon.

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