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Interdimensional Gateways by Sa’ay – Book Review

interdimensional gateways, sa'ay book

Book Name – Interdimensional Gateways

Authors – Sa’ay

Publisher – Notion Press


Our world has always been under the shadow of paranormal beings. Ever since the dawn of civilization, powerful races from different dimensions have been pulling the strings on humanity. Modern day science calls them aliens, whereas different religions identify them as either Gods or Demons. This war started eons ago in a period, now known as 'Satyuga, ' when an elite fighter race called 'Gandharva, ' responsible for guarding the dimensional Gateways were attacked by an unknown entity.

Adish and Savarnik are living a perfectly normal life in Delhi. But a simple act of helping a stranger during one of their road trips sets into motion a chain of events that pulls them into this simmering conflict. They are left fending for themselves as they encounter forces beyond their comprehension and find themselves as pawns of this cross-dimensional war.

The fate of not only their world but all 'worlds' hangs in the balance.

Only Gods can save them. But who will save the Gods?


I am left spellbound by this book. The story has been beautifully crafted and narrated well. It is a real page turner.

The book name and the cover gives an overall idea about the story. The blurb is interesting. It creates curiosity in the minds of the readers. The attractive cover and engaging blurb will surely make you pick this book up.

If you are a fan of Harry Porter series, then I must say this novel will be a treat for you. It is about those forces in nature that are beyond human understanding. The story has been thoughtfully crafted. The authors end the book with a mystery. You will crave for the next book in this series. They have brought out the mystery very well. The story has been narrated in third person narrative. It is simple and engaging. The lucid language adds more to the reading experience. Generally, books of this kind have unique names which I find difficult to read. But, this book had simple names.

Reasons you should read this book-
  • -       Engaging story-line.
  • -       Good narration.
  • -       You will be forced to turn pages. It’s a real page turner.

I am eagerly waiting for the next book.

I rate
Cover: 4/5
Characters: 4/5
Story: 3.5/5

I rate Interdimensional Gateways with 4/5 stars.

Liked my review? Want to read this book? Buy it on Amazon.

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