Monday, 5 December 2016

Book Review: Kerala Hugged by Ankur Mutreja

Kerala Hugged - Book Cover

Book Name: Kerala Hugged 

Author: Ankur Mutreja 

Price: Rs. 63


The moment one hears the word 'Kerala', tea plantations, house boats, mesmerizing weather, boat races occupy your thoughts. I've never been to Kerala and am always intrigued when any of my friend visits the place. There's something different to read about one's travel experience. What photos couldn't do to me, was done by this book. 

I am one among those persons who love to read travel experiences of others. This book was indeed a lovely treat to me. The narration has been done extremely well. The manner in which the author has described the places makes you paint a picture of the place in your minds. The narration is realistic. I liked the way the author presented his experience - dividing the parts with sub-headings and also, adding a few pictures here and there. The author has been honest when talking about the incompetent guide and the sale of ferry tickets at the Ernakulam. This book made me realise that you do not always need a group of friends to travel. It also made me realise that consulting and thereby, booking a tour package may keep you away from exploring nature and admiring its beauty. Travelling alone and exploring places can be fun too. 

I would conclude saying that the travel bug has bitten me. I shall plan my trip to Kerala soon. 

I rate 'Kerala Hugged' with 4/5 stars.

You can buy this book here.

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