Monday, 5 December 2016

Book Review: Be the engineer of your life by Aditya Goel

Be the engineer of your life - Book Cover

Book Name: Be the engineer of your life 

Author: Aditya Goel 

Price: Rs. 75 


>If you want to know the exact answers to your questions about success, and you want to know the secrets of most successful people, then this book is for you. 
>If you want to achieve all your dreams & you want to ignite passion for your dream, then this book is for you. 
>If you know what to do in life, but don't know how to do? than you must read this book to find the answers. 
You have already wasted your lot of time in thinking and searching... Now stop and buy this book and start reading right now. 
This is Super Motivational & Life Changing book which is the only book of its kind. 
It is written in Hinglish to keep you interested all the time. 
Kyunki Engilsh likhne/padhne me asaan hai or Hindi Samajhne me... haina? 
Specially written for Indian Youth... 

Topics Covered are like: 
1. How to set goals in life? 
2. How to Focus on one thing? 
3. How to Trust yourself? 
4. How to be your own Creator? 
5. How to overcome your Anger? 
6. How to learn from rejection? 
7. How to kick problems out of your life? 
8. How to start Business from zero? 
9. How to stay self-motivated? 
9.1 How to listen to your heart? 
10. How to take action today? 

Enjoy reading this 90 minutes fun ride to success, self management and self improvement. 


'Be the engineer of your life' is the first Hinglish book that I have read. I was a little apprehensive about how this book would turn out to be. I must say I had an awesome reading time. 

The conversation-like narration gives you a feeling that you've known the author for quite a while. The author presents his points in a simple language. He has used a few funny yet motivational stories throughout the book. These stories are show stealers. I liked the manner in which the book is presented. The book asks many questions to the readers and also, gives many answers. 

The author has mentioned that motivational books inspire us to do things at that instant. And that as time passes, this motivation dies off. He is cent percent true in this regard. It happens with me most of the times. I liked author's suggestion to curb this problem. 

A short book but worth many reads is what 'Be the engineer of your life' is. 

I rate it with 4/5 stars.

You can buy your copies on Amazon.


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