Friday, 30 December 2016

Book Review: Double or Quits by Shilpa Gupta

Double or Quits - Book Cover

Book Name: Double or Quits 

Authoress: Shilpa Gupta 

Publisher: Jaico Publishing House 

Price: Rs. 350 


Racy, realistic and fast paced, Double or Quits traces Jyotsna Singh’s story against the backdrop of the treacherous stock markets. Losing her father at the age of 12 and brought up under frugal circumstances, Jyotsna grows up too soon. Nervy and edgy by nature, she morphs into a confident and charming young woman with a successful career in Investment Banking. Enter Aryan Sahani, rising corporate star and billionaire who wraps Jyotsna in his charms, but has plans of his own. Driven by her loyalty to the firm, a desire to break out of her lower middle class moorings and misplaced love, Jyotsna overreaches. She is soon faced with the dark side of the stock markets – a world where ambition, greed and fear rule and reputations are lost a lot faster than they are built. Will Jyotsna be able to resurrect her life? Will she find the true love she has been craving? Double or Quits is a tale of love, betrayal and courage. It is a tale about falling down, but not staying down. 

Story in a nutshell: 

Jyotsna has had a difficult childhood. The death of her father gave birth to many hardships for her mother. It is because of these hardships that Jyotsna decided to study hard and find a terrific job. She fulfilled her dream of becoming big by landing up in an investment banking firm. Enter Aryan Sahani - The guy who sweeps Jyotsna off her feet. She falls in love with Aryan only to be betrayed. Why and how did he betray her? What price does Jyotsna has to pay as a result of this? Will she trust in love again? 


Double or Quits is a kind of novel that will keep you hooked onto it until the very last page. It is interesting and inspiring. 

The story primarily revolves around Jyotsna, the protagonist. She is am ambitious girl. You'll instantly like her for the qualities she possesses. She stays with her mother and granny who are equally adorable. Her friends, Sanchita and Richa are sweethearts. They are Jyotsna's pillar of support. I envy Jyotsna for having friends like them. Aryan, at first, seems to be a prince charming. But it is darling Nitin who will steal your hearts. 

The plot is well crafted. It is different from those traditional monotonic love stories. The narration has been done in third person narrative. It has been done really well. The language is lucid. I came across a few new words here and there but they were easily comprehensible. The incidents have been rightly placed. The overall reading experience is great. 

  • Jyotsna's ambitious nature and her never-give-up attitude. 
  • Jyotsna's truthfulness. 
  • Sanchita and Richa - her friends. 
  • Jyotsna's entrepreneurship journey. 

I rate: 

Cover: 3/5 
Characters: 4/5 
Story: 4/5 

Overall, I rate 'Double or Quits' with 4/5 stars. 

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