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Book Review: My Dad's Contract Marriage by Saurabh Leekha

My Dad's Contract Marriage - Cover Picture

Book Name: My Dad's Contract Marriage

Author: Saurabh Leekha

Price: Rs. 160


The moment I read the title and the blurb, I was horrified. At 23, I cannot make myself face the idea of my parents separation. What would a young boy like Vivaan feel when his parents broke the news of their separation to him? I wished to read Vivaan's story then and there and I started reading this book.

The story starts with the birthday scene where Vivaan is being told by a lawyer that his parents are having a divorce. The first thought that popped up in my mind 'What a great gift!'. As I read further, all I had with me was sympathy for Vivaan. The feelings, thoughts that Vivaan has for that moment are aptly conveyed. His behaviour and his reactions to particular situations will tell you how hurt he is with his parent's decision. The author has done a very detailed study about the same. You'll notice it in the story.

The characters feel realistic. The story is being narrated from Vivaan's point of view and as I said before, the author has thought over Vivaan's character a lot before bringing him into life in this story. The characters - Vivaan's parents and his grandparents have an equal and important role to play in the story. It is usually observed  that a child is more attached to his maternal grandparents. But in the case of Vivaam, he is more attached to his paternal grandparents (because, his mother Sandhya married his father, Samar against the wish of her father.)

The environment in which a child lives has a major impact on him. Vivaan feels loved at his Dada and Dadi's place while he feels neglected at his Nana and Nani's place. This story proved to me the saying ' Children's mind is like clay. It is easily moulded.'

The pace of the story is neither too fast nor too slow. The flow of the incidents in the story has been thoughtfully done. Every incident that has been written has a message to its readers, a significance. And you will come to know about it towards the end of the story. The narration is in first person narrative and is easily comprehendible. It is lucid and simple.

The story keeps the reader's mind engaged. It asks you many questions. It provides food for thoughts. The author in his note has mentioned that if one family stays united after reading his work, he will be blessed. I am sure that this will happen.

A must read for all parents out there!

I rate:

Cover: 2/5
Characters: 4/5
Story: 4.5/5

I rate 'My Dad's Contract Marriage' with 4.5/5 stars.

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